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 Online tuner
Author: clarnibass 
Date:   2009-02-21 05:26


Someone asked me if there is an online tuner and I thought I'd ask here. They have a computer with a microphone, and practice there, so prefer that to buying a tuner.



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 Re: Online tuner
Author: EEBaum 
Date:   2009-02-21 06:09

Dunno of any, though I really don't see the advantage. Tuners are cheap, and you can take them with you!


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 Re: Online tuner
Author: tictactux 2017
Date:   2009-02-21 08:01

Not online, but downloadable:

Get Tuner_E from

Quite fancy, including specrum analyzer and fingering indicator.


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 Re: Online tuner
Author: Geirskogul 
Date:   2009-02-21 08:22

I love that tuner. They (he?) also has a pretty nifty metronome program, and I've "made" the shakuhachi he has on his page with the PVC pipe, and it actually worked!

Every now and again I'll forget what the "Let's play bamboo flute, shakuhachi tuner" is in my bookmark list is and click on it again.

Shows you the fingering for Clarinet, Trumpet, flute, alto flute, shakuhachi, etc while you play. For fun you can also whistle while the microphone's listening and see if you can hit one of the notes.

My preferred computer tuner is actually the one that comes with any of those kids' "Essential Elements" books, the "SmartMusic EE Band1 Student" program. It's got even more instruments listed, and you can set it to play the note you're TRYING to play back to you, so you can hear what it's supposed to sound like.

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 Re: Online tuner
Author: clarnibass 
Date:   2009-02-21 08:48

>> Dunno of any, though I really don't see the advantage.
>> Tuners are cheap, and you can take them with you!

Locally, not cheap (especially compared with free online). Adult beginner with full time job and kids, not as comfortable to go to the store buying the tuner (not so close to his area). Ordering online is not usual here. Ordering from abroad a hassle compared with free doanloadable tuner. Already has computer and microphone where he practice. etc. etc. He will buy if he needs but if there is free online... why?

Thanks for the suggestion I will check this tuner.

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 Re: Online tuner
Author: Noqu 
Date:   2009-02-21 09:07

There is also one at For some reason I don't really remember, I preferred that one to the Japanese one mentioned above when I was looking for a computer tuner years ago.

I still regularly use the AP Tuner, and I found it more precise and stable than my (admittedly cheap) pocket tuner. Sounds reasonable to me, reliably detecting a frequency is a job that is probably easier to implement if you have the vast computing resources of a PC compared with a tiny microcontroller.

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 Re: Online tuner
Author: voodoosausage 
Date:   2009-02-21 11:01

I like this one:

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 Re: Online tuner
Author: Ryder 
Date:   2009-02-21 12:37

If they use smartmusic, it has a tuner.

Ryder Naymik
San Antonio, Texas
"We pracice the way we want to perform, that way when we perform it's just like we practiced"

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