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 Jupiter Carnegie XL wood clarinet.
Author: Clarinetboy*** 
Date:   2008-08-13 23:20

Hello, I am a clarinet player that plays Jupiter instruments and currently I play a Jupiter Capital Edition ABS plastic clarinet. Recently I looked at Jupiter's website and found a newer model called Carnegie XL. I just want to know if anyone can tell me if it's a good clarinet for a student or an intermediate player. From what I can see, I believe it's an intermediate clarinet that's probably a direct competitor to other clarinets such as the Yamaha 450. I have searched on this board and can't seem to find anyone who has an opinion on this instrument to evaluate how well it plays. The specs of the Carnegie XL are: grenadilla body, barrel, and bell, silver plated keys and rings, .577 bore, undercut tone holes, and an attache-style case. Can you guys please help me? I'm having trouble finding information on this clarinet other than what salesmen say about it which I don't generally trust as much as a teacher's advice.

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 Re: Jupiter Carnegie XL wood clarinet.
Author: skygardener 
Date:   2008-08-14 06:39

I tried one a few months ago. It was very good. Much better than other 'intermediate' clarinets. Pitch was nice and response was very even.

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 Re: Jupiter Carnegie XL wood clarinet.
Author: Clarinetboy*** 
Date:   2008-08-14 22:42

skygardener, thank you so much for responding to me! Now, have you tried other intermediate clarinets that you find nice? Have you ever tried playing some of the older Selmer Signets or older Normandys and Noblets? I've tried to go to every music store that's near me, but none of them allow me to play test instruments. That's why I have to buy my intermediate clarinet on "that site". Now that I've heard what you said, I'll try to get one of these clarinets, Normandy 7, Selmer Signet Special, Noblet 40/Noblet 45, Evette & Shaeffer model from Buffet Crampon, or perhaps THE Jupiter Carnegie XL. Most likely I'd be able to get the Jupiter or the Normandy or the Signet since not much people bid on those clarinets. It's sad to see that most kids nowadays have no clue that these clarinets with weird names on that site are actually just clarinet shaped objects designed to look flashy but play terrible. I was very fortunate that no one was getting my plastic Jupiter because the seller was very vague in the description. Plus that plastic Jupiter I got was brand new. When I played with my classmate my Jupiter sounded better than his Yamaha Advantage on pretty much every note. Anyway, sorry about the bragging, let's go back to the subject. It would probably be wiser to buy a mouthpiece and reed instead of a new clarinet but I'd be paying just as much either way so I'll just get a better clarinet if I can. If I can't get a better clarinet I'll just get a Clark Fobes Nova mouthpiece and Gonzalez FOF reeds. Thanks for the response.

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 Re: Jupiter Carnegie XL wood clarinet.
Author: Synonymous Botch 
Date:   2008-08-14 23:03

This is an important, and oft repeated topic.

You may wish to consider inserting a paragraph to separate the details.

If you are considering a step up instrument, don't overlook the Ridenour TR147 that are available in great numbers. They resell CHEAP but play well.

You'll spend well over a thousand US dollars before you find a better clarinet.

If you can't play test, you might as well shop online - service includes the period PRIOR to the sale. You may pay a little for the privilege, but it makes selection easier.

Many music shops will allow a minor to test only with an attending parent.
(They may also require a "test drive" deposit to cover the cost of cleaning.)

In my opinion, you'll get more mileage from buying the best quality reeds you can afford and spending the remainder on lessons.

Best player I ever heard up close played a hard rubber Conn 16 that looked like a truck had run it over... he bought them cheap and refurbished as needs required.

Kenny Davern was his name, and the man could PLAY!

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 Re: Jupiter Carnegie XL wood clarinet.
Author: Clarinetboy*** 
Date:   2008-08-14 23:48

Do the Ridenour 147 clarinets really play that well enough that it would be comparable to other intermediate clarinets? I'm looking for a nice intermediate clarinet that will get me through high school and perhaps begin college. I probably won't make myself a music major in college so I don't need a very high end clarinet. Something like a Selmer Signet 100 or Signet Special will serve me well throughout high school. I'll consider the Ridenour 147 clarinet as well. I could always buy a Fobes Nova mouthpiece and Gonzalez FOF reeds but it seems every music store near my town is sold out due to the explosive popularity of Gonzalez reeds and Fobes mouthpieces. I was actually about to buy Gonzalez reeds at the music store nearby but when I walked in somebody had bought the last box of Gonzalez reeds. Anyway, thanks for the advice.

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 Re: Jupiter Carnegie XL wood clarinet.
Author: skygardener 
Date:   2008-08-15 10:37

Why won't the stores near you let you try an instrument? Seems very unusual.

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 Re: Jupiter Carnegie XL wood clarinet.
Author: CWH 
Date:   2008-08-15 15:12

Good Morning,
Find yourself a Leblanc that you can afford: a Rapsodie, Sonata, Symphony or a step-up get an LL. I have seen several of these fantastic horns and often they will sell for less that $500 on that well known "auction site", be patient. When purchasing from anyone online make sure you ask for an examination period (3 days ). Keep in mind if you decide not to purchase or ask for a refund you'll have to ship it back at your cost, plus insurance. None the less, asking for an examination period you can be sure what is being represented is correct.

Take a look at that well known "auction site" and you will see several good looking Leblanc horns; including 2 Sonata's.

All of these are fine horns and you'll be amazed how quickly your skills will improve.

Study, Practice, Play and Enjoy.

Post Edited (2008-08-15 15:14)

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 Re: Jupiter Carnegie XL wood clarinet.
Author: DavidBlumberg 
Date:   2008-08-15 22:11

141 I would put up against a bundy....

Sponsored by Backun/D'Addario/BG/Silverstein/ Artist Teacher and Soloist

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 Re: Jupiter Carnegie XL wood clarinet.
Author: Synonymous Botch 
Date:   2008-08-16 13:07

If your local music store won't serve you, they deserve to lose your business to one of the online shops that sponsor this site.

Muncy Winds has a proven track record.

A word; these people serve LOTS of clients and may not provide a great deal of personalized service. They do, however, have lots of experience and their advice may be worth considering.

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