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 Penzel-Mueller Wooden Brilliante
Author: RentAKat 
Date:   2008-07-02 00:30

Does anyone know anything about where I could find a Penzel- Mueller wooden Brilliante model? According to the trademark page at Horn-u-copia, the only Brilliante model they made was a metal student model. However, sitting on my workbench right now is a wooden Brilliante. Can anyone shed some light? Thanks in advance.

This is the trademark page at Horn-u-copia:
Burlington, WA

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 Re: Penzel-Mueller Wooden Brilliante
Author: Bill 
Date:   2008-07-02 00:42

ebay? I had one. Another well-known contributor here had a coveted "Super Brilliante." I loved the genuine leather case, and I still have the screwdriver that came in it.

The accessories were fabulous. The workmanship was first-rate. The musical quality was unremarkable.

Bill Fogle
Washington, DC

Post Edited (2008-07-02 00:43)

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 Re: Penzel-Mueller Wooden Brilliante
Author: David Spiegelthal 2017
Date:   2008-07-02 00:45

I may not be well-known, but I had a wood Brilliante (non-"Super"). It was, like Bill's, unremarkable in playing qualities.

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 Re: Penzel-Mueller Wooden Brilliante
Author: Don Berger 
Date:   2008-07-02 01:30

Ive been somewhat acquainted with P-M's since about 1935, when I bot my teacher's Full Boehm [20-7], playing it in jr and senior high schools, Mich State band, dance bands and our local symp. orch. It is now in our Bvl. History Museum. It was/is from the 1920's, was played, along with piano/organ, for silent movies. I also found a 1910's 20-7 and its in Tulsa, given to a V G friend- cl teacher. The latter has rollers on several of the long keys. A close friend has an Artist model, playing it in our Comm Band, until he inherited a 10G from brother. Are there significant differences in the Brill. over the lesser models?? Search P-M for a lot of discussion. Don

Thanx, Mark, Don

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 Re: Penzel-Mueller Wooden Brilliante
Author: Don Berger 
Date:   2008-07-02 01:45

Hi RentAKat [what a moniker!] - Take a look on that auction site for an Artist and a Brilliante, the latter [a 17/6] has an off-set lower UJ tone hole! Don

Thanx, Mark, Don

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 Re: Penzel-Mueller Wooden Brilliante
Author: skygardener 
Date:   2008-07-02 07:45

I have 2 Brilliantes, and a G.Penzel; all in Bb, all wood. I always found that the Brilliante to have a really nice sound... and really bad pitch.

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 Re: Penzel-Mueller Wooden Brilliante
Author: vintschevski 
Date:   2008-07-02 11:10

I have 2 Brilliantes, a Super-Brilliante, an Artist, 4 Empires and one or two other P-M models ("Jean Aubert" is one of them, I think; maybe "Dynatone" or something similar is another). I haven't any experience of the Bel Canto model or any of the P-M metal clarinets. In very broad terms I would say that the Super-Brilliante and the better Empires (intermediate standard) are worth having.

[But there are better bargains to be had on ebay and elsewhere - for intermediate instruments a B&H Edgware can usually be picked up for $60-$100, and for $200-300 a Denis Noblet is worth considering. B&H 2-20s are also great, but seem to vary more widely in price.]

So you could come by a Brilliante easily enough, they turn up on ebay fairly frequently, but personally I don't think it worth acquiring for the quality of the instrument. You possibly have other reasons for wanting one, however.

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