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 Clarinet resources in San Francisco?
Author: Bennett 2017
Date:   2006-03-01 16:32

What music stores in San Francisco (or thereabouts) are good for clarinet players: Pro instruments, reeds, music, accessories, repairs, etc?

(I know of A&G and Best in Oakland, House of Woodwinds in San Ramon, Forrests in Berkeley.)

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 Re: Clarinet resources in San Francisco?
Author: mnorswor 
Date:   2006-03-01 16:59

I'd send an email to Clark Fobes and ask that question. He's been there over 20 years and knows everyone.


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 Re: Clarinet resources in San Francisco?
Author: Ryan25 
Date:   2006-03-01 18:15

The stores you listed is all there is. This place is a wasteland as far as good stores for clarinet players. The best way to get most things is through internet. I once called every store you listed looking for a selection of Chaddash barrels and only one of the stores had even heard of them. The other places had no idea what I was talking about. I am positive Clark will be of no help because there are no stores here anywhere. If you are looking for repair, Daniel Deitch is a good guy. You can find him on the internet. If looking for supplys, there are many different web based places that will have what you are looking for. Looking for instruments, you have to take a trip to southern cal.

P.S. If Clark does come up with a good place, please let me know because I'm getting tired of paying all the shipping fees just to buy a 20 dollar Ligature, some mouthpiece patches and reeds. I went to union music in San Francisco one time in a pinch and ended up paying near 40 dollars for a box of V12's

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 Re: Clarinet resources in San Francisco?
Author: mtague 
Date:   2006-03-01 22:59

I've only used Best Music for repairs (it's local for me) and I've liked them so far. I only play for fun, so my goal is a working instrument, not a perfectly set up one. The repair man also does slight adjustments on the spot for free (I tip him a little anyhow), if he has time. By slight I mean he fixed a bent key once, and seperated my stuck mp from the barrel and sanded the cork down. A full repad seems a bit expensive to me: $200-$250. Not sure if that is a normal price or not. He included a readjustment of some keys too.

Bennet, I only know of the shops you listed, and if Clark does give you some good info, can you share it with me?

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 Re: Clarinet resources in San Francisco?
Author: Carol Dutcher 
Date:   2006-03-02 02:11

I live in the Bay Area and found a place called the Magic Flute in Terra Linda. They seem to have a good stock of instruments and a wonderful repairman, Ethan. He's not there every day though. I've been to Best to try out soprano saxophones, haven't been over to S.F. yet. It's too far to drive. I also found a gent in Benicia who does great repairs, and is a member of NAPBIRT, his name is Wally Steele. He has really helped me out in a hurry if I needed it.

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 Re: Clarinet resources in San Francisco?
Author: ajhogan 
Date:   2006-03-02 07:03

I live right outside of San Francisco in Marin County, and the only music shop is Magic Flute in Terra Linda. Unfortunately, they do not have a great selection for the advanced players, business is such they have to appeal more to the beginning level musicians. Other than A&G and Best I have not found any good music shops, so most of my equipment and supplies I purchase online. However, my teacher mentioned that there used to be a good shop in SF, but thinks it has closed down, I will ask her if it is still in business or not.

As far as high quality, skilled repairs the folks in Oakland and Danny Deitch are the only ones around that I have run into. If you want Danny's number I'd be happy to give it to you through email.

Also if you do hear anything from Clark Fobes about a music store please let me know as well.



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