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 Re: Greek Style Clarinet
Author: Kalakos 
Date:   2005-08-23 21:20

Katrina was right, I saw this and will add a couple of thoughts.
One is that most of us use the Albert system, which seems to add a special tonal quality. I'm not sure if it's the bore, or the fewer keys and holes that does this. By the way, I personally feel the tone is even better when the klarino (Albert or simple system clarinet) has no "matoyialia" (eyeglasses or rings) on the upper section.
Second, we tend to use softer reeds (1 or 1 1/2). (Although Dimitris Sourmelis who played for our wedding many years ago told me he used to use #4 reeds in the old days - 1920's and 30's.) The mouthpiece may also be a factor. It took me a long time to find something that helped that pretty sound, and I found Robert Borbeck #14 and #16 mouthpieces about 20 or some years ago. Some klaritzides put wax in the inside upper part of the mouthpiece to help get the sound they want.
Finally, as in all folkloric genres, there is a style and tone that the "people" like and/or use, and you play this way because "that's the way it's supposed to be." I think that when playing a musical instrument, this style comes to you because that is what you are immersed in. I guess a person has to be patient, and it will come.
By the way, Saleas' recordings were never my favorites because his sound seemed so thin to me on the records. However, when I saw him live in Greece, he had a beautiful BIG tone that I really enjoyed. Also, he bounced all over his chair as he played; he was really into his music, and that made me love his style! He was a good klaritzis!!!
Good luck and most importantly, enjoy the music!!

Kalakos Music

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