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 piccolo oboe
Author: Lance 
Date:   2000-07-11 19:42

I was wondering if there is such thing as a piccolo oboe and if so who makes them and is there a picture anywhere on the web of one?

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 RE: piccolo oboe
Author: Grant Green 
Date:   2000-07-12 18:24

AFAIK, there isn't an oboe pitched an octave above the common oboe in C. There are, however, oboe musettes in Eb (usually), and sometimes in F. Heckel also made piccolo heckelphones (much like an oboe) pitched in Eb and F above the oboe. I have pictures of the heckelphone family at

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 RE: piccolo oboe
Author: patti 
Date:   2000-08-27 00:20

perhaps you may be confusing the idea of an oboe d'more which resembles a "piccolo" version of the english horn.
there is no such thing as a piccolo oboe

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 RE: piccolo oboe
Author: LJ 
Date:   2001-03-08 23:20

oh contraire... there is a such thing as a piccolo oboe. If you will refer to the wizards site:

one of the performers does play a piccolo oboe as you can see in the pictures. So yes there is a such thing as a piccolo oboe

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 RE: piccolo oboe
Author: Ellie 
Date:   2001-04-09 01:33

Are you sure it is a piccolo oboe, and I mean the name of it? I'm sure there is a higher-pitched one, but I don't know if it would be called piccolo-oboe. Is piccolo used exclusively for flutes, or is it for any instrument pitched a full octave above the regular tone? Would it just be called a soprano oboe? I know nothing whatsoever about oboes, I am going from general band knowledge.

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 RE: piccolo oboe
Author: Aaron 
Date:   2001-04-21 21:21

Hello. The "regular" oboe is the soprano oboe. There are as Grant Green said oboes made in higher pitches than the soprano in C, but none of those is called piccolo oboe.

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 RE: piccolo oboe
Author: Tish 
Date:   2005-06-17 13:07

There is, in fact a piccolo oboe. If you're very familiar with Oboes you'll surely have heard of F. Loree (the premiere maker of oboes). This company does manufacture a piccolo oboe by that name. For a photo and some info go to their website

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 RE: piccolo oboe
Author: wiseone 
Date:   2006-03-21 01:42

there is a piccolo oboe, aka musette. go to the loree website, which uses the name piccolo oboe. marigaux and patricola call it the musette.

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 Re: piccolo oboe
Author: HautboisJJ 
Date:   2006-04-18 19:31

Musettes is what they are called, although i cant confirm whether piccolo oboe is a good term, but it aint reserved for the flute, as piccolo is also used in terms such as piccolo trumpet etc.

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 Re: piccolo oboe
Author: Chris P 
Date:   2006-05-25 12:04

Are Loree musettes pitched in Eb or F?

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 Re: piccolo oboe
Author: Chance 
Date:   2011-11-01 16:48

As Grant Green replied. There are three companies who make piccolo oboes. They are also called musettes. I own a Patricola. It is pitched in Eb. Loree makes one in F and Marigaux makes one in D.

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 Re: piccolo oboe
Author: Chance 
Date:   2011-11-01 17:22

Correction. The Marigaux site now states that their musette is in Eb. I have talked to their US rep in detail in the past and I am not sure they have ever made a musette. They state that it comes with "bocals". There are no bocals needed for a musette. Until they up dated their website they stated it was in D. I am sure that my Patricola is in Eb and that Loree is in F. As for Heckel. They have not made a picciolo instrument in many years. Jennifer Paull of Amoris has written music for the musette in F. Her group how ever performed it with my musette and transposed the score.

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 Re: piccolo oboe
Author: Person4me2 
Date:   2011-11-13 18:59

piccolo oboe...really.... where did you think of that. Anyways just google it and click images.....Duhhhh

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 Re: piccolo oboe
Author: Chris P 
Date:   2014-10-12 03:57

There was the pastoral oboe above the musette that was pitched in G or Ab made by prominent French makers in the 19th Century (eg. Triebert and some others), so pretty much a more refined version of a bombarde.


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