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 Which instrument to double with clarinet/bass clarinet
Date:   2014-12-15 20:28

Recently I have been finding a 3rd instrument to triple alongside the clarinet and bass clarinet, And I came 2 final options: the flute and the double bass(sax did not work for me) which [as a beginner]I both manage to make pretty decent sounds out of them. As I am pursuing for a conservatorium and eventually being an orchestral or ensemble musician or a a teaching faculty at a conservatory, which of these 2 instruments above will be more useful as a 3rd instrument alongside the clarinet/bass clarinet?

Note: I already am playing 2 types of different fingerings since my bass is German system. So fingering difference is not an issue.


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 Re: Which instrument to double with clarinet/bass clarinet
Author: rcnelson 
Date:   2014-12-16 23:24

I'm sure there are others more qualified to answer this but....a few questions for you:

1) Why didn't saxophone work for you? Did you try both the alto and tenor (the obvious 1st 2 before baritone and soprano)?
2) If your goal is to be a playing professional and/or teach at a conservatory, why not focus on just clarinet and bass clarinet?

I truly believe without the saxophone, the flute wouldn't buy you much in terms of doubling.

The double bass is a great instrument for a variety of genres (classical, jazz, country). The real problem is transporting the thing. My experience with it is being the dad of a bass player. However, like the flute, it won't buy you much in terms of woodwind playing and teaching.

Just my thoughts.


Selmer Mark VI tenor (1957), Selmer Mark VII alto (1975)
Buescher True Tone soprano (1924), Selmer CL210 Bb Clarinet, Gemeinhardt 3SHB Flute, Pearl PFP105 Piccolo

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 Re: Which instrument to double with clarinet/bass clarinet
Author: Alex K. 
Date:   2015-01-03 20:01

I think you should go for the bass, because, like rcnelson said, it plays more genres. Although the flute has a beautiful timbre, the bass has that characteristic growl. Oh, and orchestras everywhere are looking for a very good/ professional bassist. Hope it could help!

-Alex K.

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 Re: Which instrument to double with clarinet/bass clarinet
Author: Jaysne 
Date:   2015-01-09 08:34

Since you're trying to get into a conservatorium, I think you should ask the people there. They could tell you what they're looking for in a student, and give you the best advice on how to add an instrument to your repertoire to help you get in.

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 Re: Which instrument to double with clarinet/bass clarinet
Author: Diana_Herrera 
Date:   2015-03-01 04:12

Clarinet was not my first instrument but I consider it to be my primary. What I found helpful was being able to pick up as many different wind instruments as I could in a short period of time. From there I worked on the instruments that happened to be needed at the time (most frequent for me were the Bass clarinet, alto sax, soprano sax, oboe, and trumpet). If you try all the wind instruments at once you can also find which ones you don't have a natural talent to play and not spend your time on it (for me it was flute and there are so many outstanding flutists that I don't find myself needing to play it as much).

Have you tried the Eb clarinet? Because knowing the piccolo, soprano, and bass is really useful in an orchestra. It may be the easiest to just focus on the clarinets, and if may give you an edge over another clarinetist who only feels comfortable playing the soprano clarinet.

My last suggestion: have you thought about brass? Many people say that if you play woodwinds, to not to try brass because it will ruin your embouchure. I've been able to play the trumpet very well and the baritone horn with a decent tone without ruining my woodwind embouchure. If you practice switching between the two types of embouchures then it shouldn't be a problem.

If you have any questions about learning different instruments, feel free to contact me. I hope this helps and good luck!

-Diana Herrera

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 Re: Which instrument to double with clarinet/bass clarinet
Author: OboePrince 
Date:   2015-04-30 09:36

No, No, No. Double the OBOE.

Trust me man, it's not because I play oboe, I play a good bit of clarinet and flute too. Bassoon might by fine if you don't mind those weird fingerings. But your tone and your embouchure (changes would have to be made obviously, mostly to your top lip) would afit very well on an oboe. Clarinet doesn't transfer well to much else, imho. However, I would not even think about putting sax on this list, because the saxophone isn't in orchestra, so it's not an instrument I would even consider spending my mouth on: there's a lot less available work on a highly competitive horn, which is a lot less like a horn and a whole lot like a toy in that the fingers are scaled disregard to ergonomics. It's like that with clarinet players as well. Orchestras have 3-4 sit in clarinets and then 5-6 on call. When they play Beethoven or Stravinsky it's like... "Ummm where in the hell do I find a 4th and 5th oboe?"

I think oboe would be your most user-friendly choice.

American Oboist. I currently play on a Rigoutat Riec. She is beautiful.

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 Re: Which instrument to double with clarinet/bass clarinet
Author: Bron357 
Date:   2015-07-11 05:31

My daughter plays Bass Clarinet (main) and has also taken up Bassoon and oboe. Bassoons are beautiful but a very challenging instrument. Bassoonists are far rarer than flautists! Carrying two big cases is hard so either does bass clarinet and oboe or Bassoon and oboe. She has been "put up" in orchestras/ ensembles quite a few times on Bassoon simply because "she plays". It's a "cut throat business" for her friends on clarinet and flute!

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 Re: Which instrument to double with clarinet/bass clarinet
Author: fromsfca 
Date:   2016-05-04 05:52

Show doubles for clarinet and bass clarinet are tenor or Bari sax, then flute.

If show gigs are your interest, go that route.

If just for fun, find out what instruments are needed at conservatory. I was a bass clarinet major at a conservatory where there was already too great bs clt players.

I transferred to another conservatory.

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 Re: Which instrument to double with clarinet/bass clarinet
Author: Wes 
Date:   2016-05-05 09:55

The saxophone is an obvious choice, although it is easy to get a sound from, it requires dedication and study. The flute is the same and needs frequent practice to really play it in tune. An oboist for decades, I still find that making stable in-tune oboe reeds is a big challenge and purchased ones are not good enough. There is no place to hide with the oboe but you may get saved a little because many orchestral players and conductors have no idea what an oboe should sound like. It really requires extreme dedication and formal training. Playing the double bass is also a serious endeavor, both physical and mental.

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 Re: Which instrument to double with clarinet/bass clarinet
Author: Cahsual Stephen 
Date:   2016-05-25 05:15

As much as I love my saxophones and guitars, any string bass instrument is easy to pick up and useful in any and all scenarios, as they can be rhythm section, orchestra, or (in some cases) regular instrumentation.

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 Re: Which instrument to double with clarinet/bass clarinet
Author: TheClarinetKid 
Date:   2016-06-08 12:55

If you play clarinet, why not Eb clarinet or the tenor sax?

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Buffet Crampon 'Vintage' R13 Clarinet

Post Edited (2016-06-08 12:55)

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