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 9 to 5 - anybody play it?
Author: gsurosey 
Date:   2013-05-30 15:58

I'm playing Reed I in "9 to 5 - The Musical" this summer (piccolo, flute, clarinet, alto sax). Fortunately for me, piccolo only appears in a couple places (my weakest double). I know this is a relatively new show, so I was wondering is anyone has played it. If so, what did you think of it? Anything I should watch out for?

The Reed I book has more alto sax than anything else (clarinet is my primary instrument). Interestingly, the flute fingerings came back to me quicker than some of the sax ones did. It took me a while to figure out why most of the sax stuff in there is in god-awful key signatures (F# Major and B Major being common ones). Then, I remembered that there are guitar and bass parts. So, a lot of stuff lies nicely for them in A Major and D Major. Darn string players ;) The production is at the end of June. The musicians' first rehearsal is on June 9th and I'm excited (plus, it's a paying gig and that certainly doesn't hurt). My boyfriend is the drum kit player and it's great to be able to do another show with him at my side.


Bb/A: Buffet R13
Eb/Bass: Bundy

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 Re: 9 to 5 - anybody play it?
Author: Merlin_Williams 
Date:   2013-05-30 20:08

Don't blame the keys on the guitarist; blame them on the vocalists!

Jupiter Canada Artist/Clinician
Stratford Shakespeare Festival musician
Woodwind Doubling Channel Creator on YouTube

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 Re: 9 to 5 - anybody play it?
Author: gsurosey 
Date:   2013-05-30 20:48

Ah, well then, darn vocalists. ;)

Hey, I can still blame strings for crazy orchestral keys (well, the composers, but a lot of them were string players or pianists).


Bb/A: Buffet R13
Eb/Bass: Bundy

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 Re: 9 to 5 - anybody play it?
Author: jvsax 
Date:   2013-07-29 22:21

I played the reed 2 book recently. Fun show! Classic bari/tenor sax parts, bass clarinet, clarinet, flute. With my five horns and the other reed player's four horns we took up some floor space. There are quite a few quick horn switches, especially in the reed two book.

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 Re: 9 to 5 - anybody play it?
Author: Funfly 
Date:   2014-05-27 01:38

I notice in this BBoard a lot of people refer to the 'reed book'.
So far I have resisted showing my ignorance but, what are the 'reed books'?

Martyn Thatcher Mature Student Cheshire U.K.
Clarinet - Yamaha SE Custom
Alto Sax - Yamaha YAS 480
Guitar - Yamaha FG 375-S

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 Re: 9 to 5 - anybody play it?
Author: mikeW 
Date:   2014-05-27 19:50

A musical is orchestrated for some number of musicians. Each part is referred to as a "book". It is usually the case that "books" calling for woodwinds require multiple instruments, so you don't often see "Flute 1", "Flute 2", "clarinet 1", etc. Instead the books will be "Reed 1", 'Reed 2", and so forth. For example, the Reed 1 book for "Spamelot" require alto sax, piccolo, flute, clarinet and sopranino recorder (though the recorder only shows up for a bit in one song.)

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 Re: 9 to 5 - anybody play it?
Author: garybuss 
Date:   2014-06-20 20:52

I played the touring show - it's easy. The hardest part is staying awake.

Gary Buss
Woodwinds-University of Colorado-Denver

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