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 Cleaning Padsavers
Author: dblomd 
Date:   2012-07-24 00:12

Is there a way to clean padsavers? These are the fluffy things that you stick in the instrument after you're done playing it. I was wondering because I've had mine for a while and realized that it's probably nasty. What do you do to clean yours?

Senior Music Education Major, Proficiency Piano

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 Re: Cleaning Padsavers
Author: DrewSorensenMusic 
Date:   2012-07-24 01:27

So, just so you know, you should not leave the pad saver in the instrument.

You should use it like a swab, which is stick it in, pull it out, leave it out. Truthfully, you should throw the thing out, purchase a silk swab like the Gem swab, and never use the thing again. I've heard many problems can arise from using them, especially if you leave it in the instrument, because they will actually hold moisture to the pad, instead of letting them dry.

I don't know how to clean a padsaver. It's probably microfiber, so whatever you would use to clean fabric. Febreeze? Vinegar and dish soap? Alcohol?

Drew S.

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 Re: Cleaning Padsavers
Author: dblomd 
Date:   2012-07-24 02:01

I have a silk swab that I use to clean out the instrument first, I then leave the padsaver in there later. I have been playing flute for almost 10 years and I've never heard of it being ok to use it like that, I was always told not to. This is interesting, maybe I'll have to do more research.

Senior Music Education Major, Proficiency Piano

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 Re: Cleaning Padsavers
Author: DrewSorensenMusic 
Date:   2012-07-24 02:40

I found this interesting. It kinda disproves my points above, but I'm will to be wrong in the name of getting the answers right.

I won't be purchasing a shove-it anytime soon, but it doesn't appear to have the negative effects I was once told they had.

Drew S.

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 Re: Cleaning Padsavers
Author: Wes 
Date:   2012-08-07 00:51

On examination, I found that my fine flute was not being swabbed well from my silk cloth on the swab stick. A microfiber cloth on the swab stick does a much better job for me and no residue can be seen in the bore of the flute. The "pad savers" are of no interest to me, as I suspect that moisture is left in the bore from them.

In the movie about the life of Charlie Parker, he was seen pushing a "pad saver" into his alto saxophone, many decades before they were invented!

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 Re: Cleaning Padsavers
Author: DrewSorensenMusic 
Date:   2012-08-07 02:03

Haha! I haven't seen that movie, but I want to watch now!

Drew S.

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 Re: Cleaning Padsavers
Author: trice035 
Date:   2012-09-11 13:31

I would just throw it out. Flutes are well "ventilated." After swabbing with a stick or a pull-through, they quickly finish drying. It is that simple. You are done.

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