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 Can you identify this flute?
Author: miclew 
Date:   2011-12-21 12:36
Attachment:  002.JPG (262k)
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I am a clarinet player, not a flute player :) My stepmother gave me this flute. It belonged to her father. She says he had it for as long as she can remember. She was born in 1949.

It is stamped with Rohner Elkhart, Ind. It isn't as long as a standard flute. It measures 23 5/8 when assembled. I am thinking this is in a different key?

I am attaching some photos. I would like to know what key this is in. The metal is in good shape (just needs to be shined up a bit) and the pads are decent. It has been locked up in the case since at least 1988 when the owner died. He was 81 when he died and I have no idea when the last time he would have played it.

Also, aren't normal flutes in 3 pieces? This one only has 2.


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 Re: Can you identify this flute?
Author: wrowand 
Date:   2011-12-21 17:18

It's a flute with a D foot.

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 Re: Can you identify this flute?
Author: miclew 
Date:   2011-12-21 17:34

So what does that mean? The flute IS in the key of C?


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 Re: Can you identify this flute?
Author: Chris P 
Date:   2011-12-27 02:10

Yeah, it's still pitched in C, but the lowest note on this one is D (a tone higher than a regular flute with a low C footjoint). Also it doesn't have any trill keys.

Jupiter offer a simplified flute almost identical to this for very young players, but with a curved head and range to low D to reduce overall length and weight.


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 Re: Can you identify this flute?
Author: miclew 
Date:   2011-12-27 02:33

Fascinating! Okay, I will get it cleaned up then. It should be a good starter instrument for this clarinet and guitar player. Less keys means easier to play right?  :)  :)  :)

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 Re: Can you identify this flute?
Author: Chris P 
Date:   2011-12-27 12:51

Less keys mean there's less kework to get damaged! Usually on low C flutes the footjoint becomes loose and the keys get bent during assembly, so this one doesn't have that problem as there's no footjoint to keep falling off.

It's four keys short of a full flute, so the lowest two semitones (low C and C#) are ommitted and altissimo Bb and B won't be all that easy to play without the trill keys, but this flute is designed to give a useful range of two and a half 8ves from low D to top A which is pretty much the same range as a Baroque flute.


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