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 Decent flute for a clarinet player?
Author: kawallace91 
Date:   2010-11-11 01:34

I'm a clarinet major in my sophomore year of college. I knew that this semester I'd be taking a woodwind methods class as part of my major, so I borrowed a flute from a friend to get a head start this past summer. We've just finished our flute unit in my class, but I really enjoyed playing it and would like to continue in some form. Obviously my friend will probably want her flute back eventually, however! My parents said they would be willing to shop around for one of my own. My friend's is just a student model Gemeinhardt, I think. I don't quite know what direction I'll end up going in with flute, whether I actually try to get gigs (probably as a doubler), maybe teach beginning lessons, or if I'll just use it to supplement my clarinet playing.

I'm a bit clueless when it comes to flute brands and models! I think I'd like to get some kind of intermediate model, but just for the sake of price, I might have to settle for a student model. I'll probably try to look into used too. From what little I know, it seems like Yamaha might be a good brand for a decent price. Which models, either student or intermediate, seem to have a good reputation? Are there other brands I should look into? Are options like open holes and the B footjoint worth the extra cost?

Obviously I'm going to do a little more research, and I'll probably ask some of my flute playing friends. I just bought a new clarinet last spring, so I'd like a nice flute, but also a nice price! I'll see how much my parents are willing to chip in. Anyway, any flute-buying advice that anyone has would be appreciated! :)

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 Re: Decent flute for a clarinet player?
Author: flutesundae 
Date:   2010-11-20 02:08

If you are after a beginner flute stick with Yamaha, Jupiter, Emerson, Pearl Trevor James. These retail for about $200-$900 Depending on where you buy them and second hand. I teach both Clarinet and flute A general rule that I tell my students is that if the flute brand is not sold on flute world don't buy it. I think a beginner instrument should suit untill you leave college. You may want to upgrade after you earn a little money from music.

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 Re: Decent flute for a clarinet player?
Author: Bob Phillips 
Date:   2010-12-07 16:32

I've had a terrible experience with a Jupiter a couple generations old. Its mechanism would not stay operational for more than a few minutes of play.

I would avoid a used Jupiter, although their instruments seem to be improving with each generation.


Bob Phillips

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 Re: Decent flute for a clarinet player?
Author: Jaysne 
Date:   2010-12-23 03:24

You can't go wrong with Yamaha. I'm a doubler and bought a Yamaha YPF-451 (C foot, open-hole, silver plate) almost 30 years ago, and I still use it to this day. I've played it professionally for years and every flute player who has heard it or tried it thinks it's a great horn.

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 Re: Decent flute for a clarinet player?
Author: kawallace91 
Date:   2010-12-23 19:49

Thanks for the responses! I did ultimately get a Yamaha. My parents were looking to only spend around $200, so we went to our local pawn shop. They had one flute, and they only wanted $149. It needed a minor repair and just some general maintenance, so we got it fixed up for $35. I was kind of skeptical that we'd be able to get one so cheap, but we did! I tested it out to make sure it's playable, but my parents insisted on wrapping it for Christmas!

It's a Yamaha 225SII, which I guess is essentially an older version of the current 221 model. Nothing fancy of course, but we're at least glad we got a reliable brand. I know I saw new student-model Yamahas selling for over $800 online, so we're happy with what we paid! Like I said, I don't really know what direction I'll go in with flute, so I'm sure it'll be fine for now. I'd also like to get a sax at some point to feel pretty comfortable on the big three woodwinds. (Although apparently I'm a natural at bassoon, so if those were cheaper, I'd totally buy one!!) But for now, I think I'll have plenty to work with over my winter break! :)

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 Re: Decent flute for a clarinet player?
Author: funkymusicgal 
Date:   2011-03-19 12:54

There's a lovely Pearl 505 model which won't break the bank and plays really well. That would be my pick of student flutes around at the moment. I own 3 flutes presently and one of them is a Yamaha solid silver and whilst this makes a lovely sound - fro your budget - I would definitely try this flute. ALso be careful - you can buy Yamaha on line - and some of them are cheap replicas coming from China ( 221's) almost impossible to differentiate unless you buy from a shop.

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 Re: Decent flute for a clarinet player?
Author: Jeltsin 
Date:   2011-07-07 07:10

Actually they are from Indonesia, but my girlfriend have one of those (a Yamaha 271) and I must say that it is much better than my Yamaha 371 made in Japan.

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