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 How are Buffet Crampton flutes?
Author: Mrs_gekko 
Date:   2007-08-15 01:43

I am thinking about getting one. Are they any good?
Thank you

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 Re: How are Buffet Crampton flutes?
Author: sylvangale 
Date:   2007-08-15 05:51

They have a good scale. I tried a closed hole student model and it felt unusually flat to me. The one I tried had a fuzzy headjoint, easy to play, but hard to get a good straight tone... I've read someone say it had an "English" sound <g>. Headjoints can vary for different flutes, even of the same model.

I don't like that the adjustment screws are hidden, but if you don't plan on self-adustments, then that doesn't matter much... it makes it prettier at least.

How much are you paying for it? If it's $200 on down and it's in good condition, it's a good flute.

If it's the open hole model it probably won't feel flat at all ;)

Stephen (Piko)

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 Re: How are Buffet Crampton flutes?
Author: Sooty4680 
Date:   2007-08-29 21:14

I have 2 Buffet Flutes, one is my student model 228. The other a step up model 227. Both are fantastic. The 228 is a very good student flute. Both are reliable and mechanically sound. They use the Cooper Scale. The only thing i've found with the 228 is that it is harder to get different tone colours. As a student flute they are great! I can't speak for the modern buffet flutes, they are made elsewhere now (Germany i think) as opposed to Britain, but, you can pick up a 228 quite easily and cheaply and they are much more reliable than a cheaper chinese flute. I know the older models, like the 228 don't have a split E - not sure if you're interested in getting that. They seem to have a lot more popularity over in the uk than in the USA. Plus they are catered for the UK market - Closed Hole, C Foot. Although my 227 i imported from the USA was catered more for the american market - has B foot and Open holes. If you are looking for a intermediate flute then there are a lot better out there. But as a student flute, go for it! My friend got to Grade 8 on it before upgrading her flute.

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 Re: How are Buffet Crampton flutes?
Author: Gordon (NZ) 
Date:   2007-10-08 12:27

Robust, but the ones I have worked on have never inspired me in the way they play, compared with a student Yamaha.

Perhaps there is a new model that is better.

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 Re: How are Buffet Crampton flutes?
Author: Hank Lehrer 2017
Date:   2008-01-27 15:02


I picked up a 227 several years ago and I really like the flute. It seems to fill all the needs I have as a doubler but I have located a very nice Haynes from a retired local teacher. I have yet to see and play the Haynes but the teacher sold off her Muramatsu first so the Haynes has been a backup for many years. Also, her late husband was a very fine tech so I expect there to be little needed as far as adjustment and nothing major wrong.

I'll let you know what happens.


Post Edited (2008-01-27 15:06)

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 Re: How are Buffet Crampton flutes?
Author: Hank Lehrer 2017
Date:   2008-02-23 11:05


I decided to keep my Buffet Symphony 227. In comparison to the Haynes, the 227 held up fine for me as a doubler. Actually, the low register was as good and I'm never going to be a symphony player on flute so...

I have since found out that my 227 has the the 925 hallmark on the head joint so at least that section is sterling silver. I'm not sure is the body and B foot need the hallmark to be sterling but there is evidence of a small bit of tarnish so...


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 Re: How are Buffet Crampton flutes?
Author: julio 
Date:   2009-02-20 21:07

hello Im want to buy a buffet crampon.
The flute has B foot and open holes. In the body of the flute it says 2228.
I want to know if is a original buffet and how I know if the flute is stearling silver or solid silver?


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