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 from trumpet to basson
Author: bluebandit 
Date:   2007-09-16 19:25

i've been playing trumpet for 4 years, but that's kind of been getting boring, so when the band director asked if anyone wanted to try switching to basson, i jumped on the opportunity.

unfortunately, the only thing i know for sure about bassoon is that it's a woodwind and it's tall. i've never even seen one.

i just wanted anyone's advice on what i should do to get ready to switch from a brass to a woodwind, because from what i've figured out, the fundamentals of playing brass and woodwind aren't even close.

so, anybody got any tips and advice they can give me?

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 Re: from trumpet to basson
Author: blazian 
Date:   2007-09-18 02:06

first of all, you will need to know how to read bass clef. You won't even be able to read the warm up if you don't. once you have a reed, go ahead and ask an oboe player how to use it if you haven't or can't figure it out yourself. if it's satisfactory just stick it on the bassoon (assuming you can put it together (you can ask a clarinet player for help with this)) and honk out a few notes. clarinet players can help you out with fingerngs also. as a hint, just tell them that right hand 3 is C.

picking reeds is usuall the hardest, especially for a brass player. i suggest using medium soft reeds for now. usually any medium soft reed from brook mays or a local music store is okay.

i really have no idea how to hold a bassoon correctly. i switched from clarinet. don't forget to use tons of air to get all the notes out. for fingering charts ask on the fingering boards.

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 Re: from trumpet to basson
Author: Jaysne 
Date:   2007-09-20 00:39

Tip #1: You can't teach yourself bassoon. Ask your band teacher for help.
He/She should know how to set you up.

Tip #2: If band teacher doesn't know, you'll need a private teacher.

I am a woodwind player who learned trumpet about five years ago, and then I began bassoon last year. My advice? You gotta learn new things to do with your embouchure and breathing. It's way difficult to describe them in words. That's why it's so important to get a teacher who knows what they're doing.

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 Re: from trumpet to basson
Author: cairngorm 
Date:   2007-09-23 01:26

There are lots of experienced bassoon players in this forum. I expect all of them would tell you to get yourself a private teacher, at least for the first year. There are things that you cannot get from books (at least until you are much farther along) and your teacher will give you help right away with your embouchure and your reeds. There really is no substitute for this, in my opinion. Your band director should set you up with someone immediately. Maybe you will have to pay for the lessons, but believe me, it will be worth it in the long run.

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 Re: from trumpet to basson
Author: wietsma 
Date:   2011-11-20 22:04

Again, learn the bass clef, and if you intend to go very far you'll need to consider the tenor clef. You'll also need to get used to using all of your fingers, not just three. I'd say medium soft reeds are good for someone starting, and you'll probably want to use a two bocal, then switch depending on your bassoon's tendancies towards flat or sharp. You absolutely must have a private teacher if you expect to be very good, and if that's impossible, at least work privately with your band teacher. You may have seen clarinets, saxes and other single reeds just soaking their reeds in their mouths, this won't work for you, you have to put it in water before playing. Try not to get an instrument that has the lowest hole on the tenor joint covered, you'll have a difficult time switching to one that doesn't.

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 Re: from trumpet to basson
Author: Ian White 
Date:   2011-11-21 17:26

As others have said the bext move is to find a teacher. You can do a lot of damage to a bassoon assembling it - most clarinettists won't have clue about this. Ask an expert!!

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