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 Triebert System 5 Oboe
Author: minkdeville 
Date:   2023-07-30 20:42

I'm not a player but I've had this amazing oboe for years and, to my shame, have only recently started taking a proper interest in it.
After reading Robert S. Howe's academic paper and searching every scrap I think what I have is a late 19th Century Triebert System 5.
I think.
I would much appreciate experts taking a look at the photos I am going to attempt too include and let me know their thoughts.
Many thanks.

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 Re: Triebert System 5 Oboe
Author: minkdeville 
Date:   2023-07-30 20:51
Attachment:  oboe_39 (Large).jpg (85k)
Attachment:  oboe_37 (Large).jpg (120k)
Attachment:  oboe_12 (Large).jpg (90k)
Attachment:  oboe_1 (Large).jpg (101k)
Attachment:  oboe_21 (Large).jpg (115k)

I'll try photos again.

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 Re: Triebert System 5 Oboe
Author: jeremyreeds 
Date:   2023-07-31 16:48

I am no expert but in my opinion it is a Triebert system 5. I would think that it would be of a later production because it is fit with a low Bb, and this is a later addition in the development of the oboe. Moreover, for what I have read, it is an original Triebert house product, since the logo is a castle tower with 3 merlons; the Triebert firm was acquired at some point by Couesnon, which continued producing instruments with the Triebert name but changed the logo for a castle tower with 4 merlons.
I must insist that I am not an expert or a historian.
Best regards,
Jeremías Gramcko

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 Re: Triebert System 5 Oboe
Author: minkdeville 
Date:   2023-07-31 21:45

Thank you very much for your thoughts.
I understand that you are not an expert but you seem to know your way around an oboe pretty well.
I am so taken with the way these instruments are made - incredible workmanship.
Unfortunately I cannot play - I'm a plucker not a blower, but thanks again for your thoughts, especially about the Bb.
I am in the UK, by the way, and from what I can gather the system 5 is only really played here (and Iceland?!).
Best, Rick

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 Re: Triebert System 5 Oboe
Author: Chris P 
Date:   2023-07-31 23:04

That's essentially the same keywork system as a basic thumbplate system oboe, minus the articulated G# mechanism (for an easy F#-G# slur or trill) which you'll find on later oboes which will have either a ring key or a covered fingerplate for RH finger 1.

Thumbplate systems do indeed linger on in the UK compared to the rest of the world and are also found in former British colonies to some degree, although mostly superseded by conservatoire system.

The only company still regularly making thumbplate system oboes in the UK is Howarth and they're only the Junior, S10 and S20 oboes - the Howarth B model oboes were basic entry level wooden thumbplate system oboes made in Italy for Howarth and the same Italian makers (Prestini and Orsi) made them for various other companies as well. The keywork on these Italian thumbplate system oboes is largely based on your Triebert oboe - most obviously in the manner the 8ve keys and C-D trill key are mounted.

All the other Howarth instruments from the S30 upwards made with thumbplates are dual system which are conservatoire system with an added thumbplate to offer the option of using both thumbplate fingerings for Bb and C as well as the conservatoire fingerings.

Former oboe finisher
Howarth of London
1998 - 2010

The opinions I express are my own.

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 Re: Triebert System 5 Oboe
Author: EaubeauHorn 
Date:   2023-08-30 23:25

As for not being a blower -- maybe you actually are but don't know it yet. My degree was in violin, which makes me a scraper. Followed by classical guitar, and found out my hands too small and nervous to be very good at that. Followed by the (French) horn because of love of the sound, and realized I never should have been a scraper to start with!!! Followed by the tuba, even though I am small, fantastic fun to be able to make all that noise with so little effort, plus being able to sing contrabass as a female, though that bunch of metal tubing. Then, once again because of the sound, oboe -- and yes it did take quite a level of effort and three years of private lessons with an excellent instructor, but I reached a level where I enjoy my own playing and can include it on my list of things enjoyable to keep working on. So maybe try a few lessons with your local pro (to get good reeds AND good instruction) and maybe you'll find yourself a friend in that nice instrument that you have.

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 Re: Triebert System 5 Oboe
Author: minkdeville 
Date:   2023-09-02 20:43

Many thanks for sharing your knowledge.
I'm guessing it is mid 19th Century.
I think I'm too long in the tooth to start learning to play now; but I do have a sister who plays flute (at least she did).
I'm sure it will find its home at some point.
Or I may very well just look at it.
Again, many thanks.

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 Re: Triebert System 5 Oboe
Author: mschmidt 
Date:   2023-09-02 21:07

I would love to try playing it--but I am not sure I would want to buy it, as I have too much clutter around here already (and I don't think it would displace either of my more modern instruments). Where are you located?


Still an Amateur, but not really middle-aged anymore

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 Re: Triebert System 5 Oboe
Author: minkdeville 
Date:   2023-09-06 12:27

Hi Mike,

I'm in Frome, Somerset.

If you're ever this way you're welcome to have a blow.

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 Re: Triebert System 5 Oboe
Author: mschmidt 
Date:   2023-09-07 22:34

Thanks! That is a bit far from me (Washington State, USA) just to blow an oboe....


Still an Amateur, but not really middle-aged anymore

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