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 Right Hand Thumb and Index Finger
Author: drizzledtoes 
Date:   2022-04-05 20:18

Hello all,

Would like to seek your opinion regarding the right hand when playing the oboe.

For me, i always realised my right hand index finger is always almost sideways (parallel to the F# key) rather than more perpendicular to the F# key.

I believe that this is also due to how my thumb is on the thumbrest.

I feel that my right hand index finger is hindering a lot of my legato possibilities for running notes so i am trying my best to fix this.

For me, when i play the oboe, the flesh of my thumb (opposite of the nailbed) is on the wood of the oboe, and i think that i am pushing up my oboe that way on the wood too. The right, side of my thumb is under the thumbrest.

I was wondering if this is correct. I have tried to turn my right wrist more forward, and this has helped my index finger to be more perpendicular, but it just feels weird and not great, and it affects my right hand pinky too, so it still did not solve my problem. And turning my wrist only stays momentarily, soon after, i go back to my old hand position.

I was thinking maybe the way i balance my oboe with my thumb might be causing this issue of my right hand index finger being almost parallel to the F# key, what do you guys think?

Thanks in advance

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 Re: Right Hand Thumb and Index Finger
Author: Hotboy 
Date:   2022-04-05 21:42

Everybody's hands are different.

I don't see anything wrong with your right hand position as long as your ring finger can comfortably reach the lowest hole and your pinky can reach the Eb key.

Bay Area, California

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 Re: Right Hand Thumb and Index Finger
Author: EaubeauHorn 
Date:   2022-04-16 22:45

While I can reach all the keys just fine, I along with a lot of other people find the weight stressful on my right thumb. I tried various things over the years; neck straps just don't work for me, and I even found myself playing with the bell resting between my knees, hardly a correct thing to do.

But recently someone designed something that works wonderfully for me and I would recommend anyone who has right hand "holding the oboe problems" to take a look at this. It's called the Hook; it velcros onto the stand shaft and you rest the bell on it. I think it is brilliant; I actually got it for my Cor because I simply cannot reach a Cor with my small hands, and suddenly I CAN reach it and easily, even if I do have to shuffle my hand a little. It has opened up Cor playing for me. I don't mind at all that I cannot wave the bell all over the available space; I play horn as primary and we do not find it necessary to weave and wave and bob up and down.

If you play both oboe and Cor in a concert, you can have two of these and simply swivel the one you're not using out of the way. It is easily adjustable up and down the stand shaft but not instantaneously so during a concert.

I don't know if I'm allowed to put links here for something that is for sale (not by me) so if interested maybe try to find it. The Hook for oboe and Cor.

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