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 Marigaux has buzzy half-hole?
Author: CogentCap 
Date:   2021-02-06 23:47

Hi all,

I'm currently trying out some Marigaux oboes and I LOVE the sound of the 901A. I've also played a 2001A and a couple of M2s. But something I can't get over...

I'm getting this crazy buzz on the 1/2 hole key?????? Like, what????

After some "science" experiments, I've concluded that the little plate that the half-hole holes are cut in is vibrating and that's creating the sizzle in the half-hole notes. This could be the key's fault, or a bad combination of wrong tube/gouge/reed length/scrape etc producing some weird physics effects, I suppose.

So my question is, has anyone else experienced this? I'm curious whether other people tried Marigaux, had the buzz, and redirected to another make, or whether other people are playing these beautiful, beautiful oboes and never experienced the buzz (if so, what are you reeds like? Long scrape? Tube, gouge?)

I'm so curious about why this is happening bc I'd be really surprised if they changed the key in this way and didn't notice that it caused a buzz...so there must be another explanation... right????

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 Re: Marigaux has buzzy half-hole?
Author: LOM 
Date:   2021-06-14 00:39

My reply to you probably isn't timely, but here goes. I experience the half-hole buzz often when I am testing my reeds on student instruments. After making some adjustments, I have found that the half hole buzz disappears.

I use a pretty standard American Scrap with visible windows. Usually when this happens, It is because the heart area is in general too thick in proportion to either the windows and/or tip. Conversely, I could say that either the windows or heart are too thin in relation to the heart. Oddly, the reed often sounds amazing and seems to function great in every other way.

If you are still in the search for a new instrument, I recommend making several reeds specifically for the instrument you are most interested in.

I'd be very interested to hear what you ended up doing.

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 Re: Marigaux has buzzy half-hole?
Author: Chris P 
Date:   2021-06-15 01:07

If using different reeds doesn't help, you can experiment by completely filling in the hole in the LH1 fingerplate with wax so it's flush with the top, then make a hole through it from around 0.7mm to 1mm and see if that helps.

Do you have the LH1 fingerplate set up so it opens fully, or screwed right down so it only just moves by a tiny amount?


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 Re: Marigaux has buzzy half-hole?
Author: mjfoboe 
Date:   2021-12-24 02:47

I would email Marigaux. They are a very good company and I am sure they would be helpful.

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