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 Symptoms of clogged octave vent
Author: mberkowski 
Date:   2020-06-04 17:58

Hi all,

I've been troubleshooting some mechanical issues on my 18 month old Loree which appeared suddenly with summer temperature and humidity changes. My B flat vent on the upper joint flew out of adjustment, as did my forked F vent. I believe I have solved these, and I am getting suction in both joints against my lip.

I am still having some difficulty with first octave notes E, F#, G at the top of the staff where they're mostly fine, but occasionally one will squeak or respond a little slowly. The lower octaves are reliable. Could this be a symptom of a clogged octave vent? I can't see any cracks but probably can't rule one out.

I don't have an octave vent remover tool. I do live very close to a nationally renown repair shop and am due for a tune-up already, but after COVID-19 the scheduling backlog is pretty deep.

Thanks as always


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 Re: Symptoms of clogged octave vent
Author: Chris P 
Date:   2020-06-05 01:22

If you haven't already tried it, then do the following:

With just the top joint, seal off the tenon with any RH finger and close off the fingerplates with your LH fingers.

Then hold the back 8ve key down to open the lower 8ve vent and blow into the reed socket to blow any water out. Then to the same but suck the air out from the reed socket. Do this with the upper 8ve key as well while you're at it.

Then mop out the top joint bore and dry any water from the outside and the lower vent pad by blotting it dry with tissue or cigarette paper.

Then check to see if this has cleared things up.

Another thing you can do if you're confident in removing keys is to check the 8ve vents are clear. You can use a needle spring of 0.7mm in diameter or the shank of a 0.7mm twist drill (as opposed to the business end).

If you haven't got either of those, then a thin sliver of reed (with bark) or an interdental brush of the thinnest gauge can be used to clean out the vents.


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 Re: Symptoms of clogged octave vent
Author: mberkowski 
Date:   2020-06-05 06:51

Wow, some progress but not fully solved. Blowing through the top joint with the lower octave vent open at first caused no change and nothing ejected from within. On a second attempt, I could not even get air though until I blew much harder and out foamed a lot of white goop. I removed the key and was able to pass a sliver of cane through, but after all that I am still having some issues. There is an imbalance between the F# and its bridge to the top joint B flat and C (conservatory system).

In any case I am through with making things worse, and I was able to schedule service sooner than expected so I'll leave it to a professional. It's even under shop warranty.



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 Re: Symptoms of clogged octave vent
Author: Chris P 
Date:   2020-06-05 20:35

I'd take advantage of the warranty and have them remove the 8ve vents.

Only make sure you haven't done anything that could invalidate that - check the warranty to be sure.


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