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 Eb Key cracked open a hair
Author: steve1221 
Date:   2019-10-29 03:11

So I have a Loree series B and I have an Eb key that does not make the seal all the way when nothing pressed. Nothing wrong with it tone hole or pad / pad adjustment wise . Its just that the leaf spring does not have any free motion - thus the key is opened just a hair.

So I was wondering what are you suggestions ? - there is cork padding on the lower B key shaft connectors - the link that looks like a slide touching another slide -- kind of hard to describe. I think if I add a thicker material it would give me my free motion but there is a tiny tiny screw to the right of the lower Bb adjustment key that might have something to do with it. Anyway I wanted to run it by you guys and get some info.

The adjustment screw is not touching the leaf spring but still no free motion.. THANKS

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 Re: Eb Key cracked open a hair
Author: Chris P 
Date:   2019-10-30 07:16

Check the link to the low B key (feather key foot) or the link to the bell key (just above the lower joint tenon shoulder) haven't lost their key corks as that can cause the LH Eb adjusting screw to bear down on the Eb master spring.

Check which of the large pad cups moves first and closes first when you slowly operate the low Bb touch - they should both move together and the bell key pad should close with slightly less pressure than the low B key pad.

If the bell key pad moves first and closes first, back off the bell key link adjusting screw until both move together. If the the bell key moves later, then check for free play at the Eb master spring and the LH Eb adjusting screw and turn the bell key link adjusting screw clockwise until both pad cups move together.

If one or the other pad cups moves before the other one, then something's out of adjustment and what with the nature of oboe feather keys, it's not always straightforward. If it's the feather keys that are bent (and they are one of the most vulnerable keys on oboes to get bent) then that needs to be

Also check the linkage on the low C key to the Eb key isn't bearing down on the Eb master spring when at rest as that too can hold the Eb pad open if the low C key opens too far (usually caused by the wire linking it to the low C# touch being bent or the low C# key touchpiece or overlever being loose on its steel).

Ideally there should be no lost motion between the bell key link and bell key and the low Bb vent on the bell should be fully closed - it's a pain to adjust this as it means bending the bell key and that can cause all manner of problems if you don't know what, where or how to bend things to adjust them. Similarly with bent feather keys as the risk of damaging the pinning screws or breaking the pinned steel is high.


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 Re: Eb Key cracked open a hair
Author: steve1221 
Date:   2019-10-30 08:43

Thanks Chris - as usual good info - I will let you know what I find..

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 Re: Eb Key cracked open a hair
Author: steve1221 
Date:   2019-11-02 06:18

Hi Chris - I tried all the suggestions and still no free play on the Eb key - I sent it to have it looked at - its something that I should have done anyway because I have never had it baselined at a shop before - the OBOE is new to me.

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 Re: Eb Key cracked open a hair
Author: Chris P 
Date:   2019-11-03 15:33

steve1221 wrote:

"I sent it to have it looked at"

Best thing - it's difficult to diagnose and rectify a problem without having the instrument in my hands.


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