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 Re: New oboe: Buffet Virtuose
Author: Chris P 
Date:   2017-06-26 12:26

The "natural medium C key" isn't a new idea - it's like the conservatoire 1-2-3 mechanism fitted to German spec oboes, but has a small touchpiece fitted to it instead of being linked to the F# key and it opens the top joint Bb and C keys.

So using that touchpiece will give C with the same venting as on thumbplate system oboes which has a mellower tone compared to the conservatoire fingering for C (xoo|xoo).

It's not an entirely new idea as both Howarth and Heckel have fitted it to their instruments in the past.

The linkage for the F#-G# trill has also been fitted to oboes too - Bulgheroni use the same kind of linkage instead of the arm as have older German and Chinese copies of older German oboes.

It will be interesting to see if that linkage is fully compatible if these oboes are converted to dual system (adding a thumbplate) as the G# key will be held closed if the thumb is off the thumbplate.

I just realised the bell flare can be changed - the join is just below the low Bb vent. I only just noticed that as I couldn't understand if the entire lower section from below RH3 was one piece including the bell, that would mean an entire lower joint. Now I can see the join between the bell flare and the rest of the lower (or foot) joint as it wasn't that clear before until I tilted my screen. They offer another 3D printed bell flare for a different sound.

The joint proportions are like those of the Boehm system oboes, so all the main action is on the main joint (like a flute) and the keywork from Eb downwards is effectively a footjoint.

I hope with such a long main body section they've sleeved the bore at the top end. I understand (according to the text) they have tonehole inserts to help, but wonder if the top end of the bore is sleeved as well.

Now - wouldn't be nice if they offer Boehm/sax fingered oboes again!


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