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 Legere oboe reed review
Author: Aaron Lakota 
Date:   2016-07-12 20:14

Some people have been curious about the new Legere oboe reeds. I wrote a review on my blog that may be interesting to some people.
Happy oboe-ing -Aaron

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 Re: Legere oboe reed review
Author: jouez_hautbois 
Date:   2018-03-05 23:05

Thank you for this review!

By the way, have somebody tried the new medium and medium-soft Legere oboe reeds? Any thought?

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 Re: Legere oboe reed review
Author: oboist2 
Date:   2018-03-06 01:10

I am certainly waiting in anticipation for Legere to bring out a long scrape reed.

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 Re: Legere oboe reed review
Author: jhoyla 
Date:   2018-03-06 17:37

Aaron, thanks for this review.

I tried three Legere reeds in Howarth of London showroom last year, and I also found them a struggle. I play on both European and American scrape reeds - the Legere was much more resistant than my normal European scrape reeds.

when I took out my own reeds to compare - there simply was no comparison. The cane reeds were so much easier to play!

Also, there was a significant difference between the three reeds I tried. One had been "worked on" but the other two had not and I expected, at the very least, consistency. Nope.

And no returns. For a 150 USD piece of kit. Unacceptable, to my mind.

I do hope that Legere keep trying to get this right. I am upset that they decided to go to market with this model in spite of its problems. The result will probably be that Legere will get a bad rep. in the oboe world and they won't sell many reeds. This could make them give up altogether due to lack of sales.


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 Re: Legere oboe reed review
Author: mberkowski 
Date:   2018-03-06 18:41

> By the way, have somebody tried the new medium and medium-soft
> Legere oboe reeds? Any thought?

Aaron Hill posted a video last week about the new Legere medium strength reed. wrote:

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 Re: Legere oboe reed review
Author: jouez_hautbois 
Date:   2018-03-07 02:14

If it was last year, it was the one which is now called the medium-hard reed.
It was much too hard for me too, but I'm not a reference, since I'm a self-taught amateur with long scrape reeds. Now, they released a medium and a medium-soft. I tried the medium-soft, not sure yet what to think about it. Time will tell, but I was curious to know about your experience...

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 Re: Legere oboe reed review
Author: EaubeauHorn 
Date:   2018-03-11 22:10

I have an earlier version of a Legere long scrape reed from several years ago, lent me by a friend who has not asked for it back. It plays ok and sounds fairly awful, but would be quite useful for grade school kids learning to play because at least it would work for them and help develop an embouchure that would work when they started with cane reeds.

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 Re: Legere oboe reed review
Author: Chris P 
Date:   2018-03-12 01:58

I have the original (MH) one which is too strong for me and knackers out my chops very quickly, so would like to see how the new MS and M ones compare.


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 Re: Legere oboe reed review
Author: mberkowski 
Date:   2018-03-13 02:50

As it happens, Aaron Hill has posted a new video today comparing the medium Legere with a cane reed after the synthetic reed has been scraped a little and adjusted.

(His original video demonstrated it "out of the box" except for sealing a leak)

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