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 Barrington oboes?
Author: kiwi73 
Date:   2014-05-13 23:35

After searching this topic, I found mixed reviews on the Barrington oboes and those were several years old.

Are these oboes decent enough for an adult joining a community band after 20 years of not playing?

I am afraid I can't afford much else.

Thank you for any help.

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 Re: Barrington oboes?
Author: Chris P 
Date:   2014-05-14 03:30

Ok, Chinese oboes HAVE improved in terms of intonation and tuning since I last commented on them, but they still have crude keywork which may not be to everyone's ergonomics and the general quality of fit and finish still has a lot to be desired compared to student model oboes being made by oboe specialist makers and oboes offered by companies that make all woodwinds.

But it's still buyer beware and poor resale value compared to established makers.


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 Re: Barrington oboes?
Author: WoodwindOz 
Date:   2014-05-14 04:37

I personally believe you are often better off buying a second hand known brand (assuming it is not completely dead) than a new Chinese oboe.

Even a Selmer probably has better quality keywork than a Barrington. Try looking for older Gordet/Kreul, Cabart, Yamaha, etc. I learnt on a 1960s Cabart that I paid $300 for, and it was a lovely little oboe. Older Selmer 101/102/104 often have close to full keywork and can be found in reasonable condition for under $1000.

Take a secondhand oboe to a repair person before you commit to buy to make sure it doesn't need more money spent on it than you paid for it.


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 Re: Barrington oboes?
Author: Chris P 
Date:   2014-05-14 17:44

I'd definitely recommend a used Selmer 104 which is a plastic full Gillet conservatoire oboe, either that or a used Fox 330 or 300 if you see any for a reasonable price. The Fox will have better trade in value when you decide to upgrade to a wooden pro model.


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 Re: Barrington oboes?
Author: Chris P 
Date:   2021-07-19 00:49

It's been several years since I last saw any mention of Barrington oboes anywhere. I also Googled them and it seems they've called it a day, although there are still plenty of other identical cheapo Chinese oboes on the market to take their place.

I can only assume they're all landfill by now.

If anyone here did happen to buy one, how's it holding up after all this time, or is it now an oboe-shaped prop holding up a sash window?


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 Re: Barrington oboes?
Author: oboist2 
Date:   2021-07-19 01:59

Dear Kiwi 73 . Do check out oboes that have been made under the name KGE and also Armstrong Werth I do not know if there is a dealer of these instruments in NZ, but Stephen Moschner of oboe Central, based in Melbourne Australia would be a good place to start as he is the Armstrong Werth Representative. John Armstrong spent some time in NZ as the cor Anglais in the NZSO. Best wishes from a fellow Kiwi now living in OZ.

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 Re: Barrington oboes?
Author: Hotboy 
Date:   2021-07-19 19:44

The original post was 7 years ago...I doubt that kiwi73 is coming back...LOL

Bay Area, California

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 Re: Barrington oboes?
Author: oboist2 
Date:   2021-07-20 01:45

Perhaps not, but it may help someone else along the way

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