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 Who plays a Selmer Signature?
Author: Joop Vos 
Date:   1999-09-07 11:34

If you do, please tell me if you did make a good choice (be honest, please!). Thanks!

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 RE: Who plays a Selmer Signature?
Author: Becky 
Date:   1999-09-07 23:52

My first wooden clarinet was a Selmer Signet. ( I now play on a Buffet r-13.) I am not sure if a signet is the same as a signature, though. To be perfectly frank, I hated the clarinet! I only still keep it for playing at school and marching band. However, I bought it used ( 1year, lightly used, good condition) but fixed it up a bit.
What I dilike the most about it is the keywork. I find it a challenge to reach some notes in faster passages becuae the keys are laid out inefficienly, in my opinion. For example, the clarion register b and c keys are placed too low and my pinky often slips off. This, of course, could be my own problem of having small hands.
I also wasn't really impressed with the tone. It's not very clear and even. You're probably wondering why did she buy it if it's such a bad instrument? At the time of purchase, I had nearly zero experience in recognising what good quality clarinets and tone is. I thought I was getting a good clarinet just becuz it was made of wood.
Well, hope this helps.


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 RE: Who plays a Selmer Signature?
Author: Erin :) 
Date:   1999-09-08 00:04

I don't have a Selmer Signature, but I have played one before, and I have to say that it was very nice... the tone was great, and it was completely even from the low register all the way up. The throat tones were not too stuffy and that break was smooth, and so was the break going from upper C to altissimo D, and on up. I was actually looking to buy one when I needed an A clarinet, but they hadn't yet released the A, only the Bb... The only reason I got to try the A and the Bb was because they belonged to Edwin Riley, and he helped design them... He let the clarinet students at the 1998 Georgia Governors Honors Program try them... And the Signature is definately not the same as the Signet... the Signet is a student/intermediate clarinet and the Signature is professional...

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 RE: Who plays a Selmer Signature?
Author: William Fuller 
Date:   1999-09-08 01:56

Tom Ridenour, who designed the LeBlanc Concerto and Opus clarinets has come out recently saying that they (Selmer Signitures) are the best clarinets he has seen in years. That ought to tell us something.

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 RE: Who plays a Selmer Signature?
Author: Melanie 
Date:   1999-09-08 03:43

I too have tried a Selmer Signature, in fact, the same one Erin tried. I play a Vintage R-13, but I almost had second thoughts when I played the Signature. It was so smooth and even in intonation and response. Definitely a great clarinet.

Hope this helps!


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 RE: Who plays a Selmer Signature?
Author: HIROSHI 
Date:   1999-09-08 05:06

Tom Ridenour says Siganature is revolutionary.
Summing up,
1)It has a dark tone like German clarinet(Wuritzer or Hammerschmit) with French key systems.
2)Execellent intonation. It has only 1-2 cents deviation rather than usually 3-4 cents deviations by other pro model clarinet.
3)Tom writes also in Selmer's home page. He is not payed by this.

To my regret only 440Hz models are available not for Japan where 442Hz is usual pitch.

p.s. Wuritzer produces French key system clarinet also.

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 RE: Who plays a Selmer Signature?
Author: Lisa 
Date:   1999-09-11 05:02

I bought a signature this summer and it was the best thing I ever bought. It needed a few adjustments but they were covered under warranty so that didn't really matter.

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