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 alternative for Bonade inverted
Author: Alex 
Date:   1999-09-02 20:10

Hi all,
I have a Bonade inverted and love the sound
of that ligature, however, it has serious quality
control problem and hard to find another one to play the same. is there any other ligature in the market that has
the similar playing characteristic and sound of the
Bonade inverted? anyone tried the new Charles Bay
models? I tried Rovner ED2, Vandoren Optimum and
floating rail ligature, none of them has a nicer
sound and more resonant than Bonade inverted.
any suggestion?

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 RE: alternative for Bonade inverted
Author: Mark Charette 
Date:   1999-09-02 20:20

I've just started using a Peter Spriggs floating rail. Very nicely made and I'm enjoying it - however, I've only been using it a week or so. Like every equipment change, the first few weeks are normally the ones where you need to grow accustomed to the new stuff.

The Spriggs ligature is relatively expensive, though - $60 US/$90 Cdn. Peter is a sponsor of Sneezy.Org and hosts his Web site here - <B><A HREF=http://www.pspriggs.com>http://www.pspriggs.com</A></B>.

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 RE: alternative for Bonade inverted
Author: Daniel 
Date:   1999-09-02 22:26

I have been playing the Floating Rails lig since early June. Been very happy with it. Plaays better than any ligature i've used so far; especially with my current mouthpiece.

I wouldn't know what to recommend for a ligature similar to the Bonade.. i've never found a Bonade that worked.

The Charlie Bay gold covered ligature worked well on my Fobes mouthpiece. But it closes up the reed too much on my current Kaspar and was too big for my old Ann Arbor Kaspar.

I used the EDII ligature for a couple years until i found the Spriggs. They have a nice focus to the sound. I don't like Rovner's other ligs. But the EDII has the best of both worlds. Little bit of the darkness, little bit of the brightness, clean articulation, good projection.

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 RE: alternative for Bonade inverted
Author: HIROSHI 
Date:   1999-09-03 00:29

I use a WoodStone hand made ligature made of cupper plated with Gold. Has enough mass to emit deep tones and very sharp response and its quality is superb maybe reflecting Japanes artisan's skillness to make small things precisely.

However, this is a Japanese product made by a small shop in Tokyo area. Sorry I do not know it can be available from American dealers.

To see its outlook: http://www2.raidway.ne.jp/~ish/accessory.html

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 RE: alternative for Bonade inverted
Author: Mike B. 
Date:   1999-09-03 14:20

I like the Harrison ligature a lot (and I think that they are still available). They do what a ligature is supposed to do, hold the reed in place firmly and not interfere with reed vibration (unlike the Rovner IMHO).

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 RE: alternative for Bonade inverted
Author: William Fuller 
Date:   1999-09-03 15:08

If you are willing to spend $60 for a lig, it might be to your best interests to try the Winslow lig. I have been using different versionsl of his ligs for the past 12 yrs and his most recent ones are the best yet. They hold the reed firmly in place, but because of the floating metal posts, the base of the reed is allowed to resonate freely to compliment the action of the upper part. The resulting tone has a clarity and richness that other ligs suppress--most of all, the Rovner. Another advantage of the Winslow is that it is possible to use about 12 different post arrangements--the lig has 6 floating post that are all movable--to get the sound that you want. I have used other ligs in the past--Bonade inverted (which I liked), Laurie, Harrison, Bay, BG, string, and etc., but the Winslows work the best for me. As previously stated by others, like with any new piece of equipment, they do take a while to get used to, but you will notice a change in the repsonse of your reed and the color of your sound immediately. FYI Good luck, everyone.

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 Winslow Ligatures - to William
Author: Daniel 
Date:   1999-09-03 18:43

Is the waiting list to get one still several months long? I bought one for alto sax back about 4 years ago and had to wait a couple months before getting it. Then i tried to order a second one and they said they had no idea when they would be getting any more. Tried to get one for bass clarinet but got the same answer about a year ago. Last i heard the guy who makes them was in a accident of some sort and was bed-ridden.

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 RE: Ligatures - Wide Choice
Author: Don Berger 
Date:   1999-09-03 19:14

Interesting! I have an Harrison-Hurtz, but prefer my Luyben's and Gigliotti's, when I dont play my Bonade's. Guess I'm too old to try the newer ones! Don

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 RE: Ligatures - Wide Choice
Author: William Fuller 
Date:   1999-09-04 02:48

FYI--re John Winslow. He did have an accident which was serious, but the last time I saw him (last spring) he was fully recovered. He usually is backlogged with orders as he makes all of the metal parts by hand on a lathe in his basement, then sends them out to be plated. I will call him up in the next few days to see how he is doing and report back to all of you who might be interested. By the way, I am not on his "payroll", I am just a friend and musician that likes his ligs. I pay the same price as any of you would.

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 RE: Ligatures - Wide Choice
Author: GKF 
Date:   1999-09-05 05:13

I play on a BG ligature -- the one with gold-plated rails -- I forget exactly the name of this kind. The plating seems to help with that resonant, beautiful sound we're in search of. Also, it's not terribly expensive. I believe 2 years ago I paid about $35 or so...
Hope this helps.


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 RE: Ligatures - Wide Choice
Author: Michael Norsworthy 
Date:   1999-09-07 18:23

I play on a Harrison gold plated. I've played tons of others just recently and I don't think even the Bonades give me the resonance that I have with my Harrison. Of course, Mr. Harrison just died not all that long ago and finding them now is beginning to be a problem.

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