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 Pedler Info
Author: Mark Charette 
Date:   1999-08-29 15:40

Pedler WWI <i>fl</I> Elkhart / IN 1919-?.
<br>1919 established by Harry Walter Pedler (<i>b</I> England 1872; <i>d</i> Elkhart 1950), earlier working for RUDALL CARTE & Co.; 1905 emigrated to Elkhart, working as WWI maker for CONN; 1916 established there with GRONERT as AMERICAN MANUFACTURING Co.; 1919 on death of Gronert as 'Harry Pedler Co.'; 1930 retired, succeeded as proprietor by John Henry Martin; 1936 as 'The Pedler Company'. Specialist in metal clarinet, bass clarinet.

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 RE: Pedler Info
Author: Don Berger 
Date:   1999-08-29 17:46

I am the "proud" owner of one of the OLD bass cl's, certainly not great by present standards, will describe if anyone is interested. Don

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 RE: Pedler Info
Author: Chris Huss 
Date:   1999-08-30 03:22

Thanks for responding so quickly! Is there any way that someone could check a serial number on a Pedlar metal clarinet? Also, what fingering system did he use?


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 RE: Pedler Info
Author: Willie 
Date:   1999-08-30 03:40

Go for it Don! I'm always Interested in older instruments with their good & bad quirks.

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 RE: Pedler Info
Author: Dee 
Date:   1999-08-30 03:53

The Pedlers that I have seen have all been standard Boehm system.

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 RE: Pedler Info
Author: Don Berger 
Date:   1999-08-30 15:32

My cousin in Detroit in the mid 30's had a Pedler 17/6, wood Boehm, fair, as I remember, but not as good as the Penzel-Mueller full-Boehm [20/7] I bought from my teacher who played it in theaters before SOUND movies!! I still have it and occasionally need it or my FB Selmer to help when playing in the many# keys. Will get out and try to describe my Ped bass shortly. Don

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 RE: Pedler bass
Author: Don Berger 
Date:   1999-08-30 17:13

Ser # W 13247,estimate 1920's, wood, upper joint about 2" longer than my Selmer UJ [31-32 {33 equiv.} 1970's full Boehm, great] so the neck is shorter since the high register key-pad is located near the top of the UJ with the combined low reg. key-pad/"pinch" Bb vent about 3" lower. Has the 5th R LF key for the low Eb, no altissimo "hole" for L 1st finger. Has an "articulatABLE" C#/G#, but no actuating "finger" like the Sel ??? The actuating linkage for the lower reg. vent [via 3rd fing. RH] is very poor mechanically, marginly [sp?] playable! Its described on inst as The Pedler Co Elkhart, Ind [w: lyre above], and on the case as WOODWINDS, PEDLER, Elk Ind. I've just restored a 1950's Conn BC with very similar, but better Double Reg. Keying, no "frills" such as low Eb, but a fine-playing old horn!, so progress is evident. They both lack the L LF alt.Ab/Eb, but I cant reach mine on the Selmer anyway, need extension! This is all I can think of now, if more questions, Willie et al, just ask [I work cheap!] Don

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 RE: Pedler bass
Author: P.Mayo 
Date:   1999-09-04 14:52

I know a man that has an old wood Albert system Pedler bass clarinet. He says it's not even worth getting restored.

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 RE: Pedler bass
Author: jim lande@ erols.com 
Date:   1999-09-05 03:42

Well, if it is high pitch, or has some cracks or mechanical damage, then I would
agree. Maybe he was able to play on the horn when it was in perfect condition and
it just didn't play well.

However, maybe he doesn't like albert system horns and thinks noone else does,
either. If it is low pitch, I bet some Klezmar guy would be very excited to get this
horn working. Maybe it has a lot of open finger holes and his hands are not large

Of course, I have a pedlar alto clarinet and I could not get it to work. (got every
pad tight -- there is some really weird mechanical linkages.) my tech says it is a
monster and is saving it for Halloween. Ho joke. He has had it since April.

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