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 Albert System Fingerings
Author: Green Knight 
Date:   1999-08-26 19:03

Hi, i recently bought an albert system clarinet just for the fun of it, and i have no clue what the fingerings are, if someone could help thanks!

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 RE: Albert System Fingerings
Author: Al 
Date:   1999-08-26 22:25

The good old Rubank Elementary Method for thr Clarinet has both Albert and Boehm system charts in the front of the book. Cheap by today's standards.

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 RE: Albert System Fingerings
Author: John Scorgie 
Date:   1999-08-27 00:57

Until you find an Albert fingering chart, this may help.

An Albert clarinet fingers much like a saxophone. Low E use BOTH little fingers on their respective roller keys, since the keys are not connected together. F is rh little finger on the bottom roller key. F# is rh little finger on the bottom roller and lh little finger on the other lh roller key. G, G# and A are just like your boehm. B flat is first two fingers rh just like you are playing an A but press the little key next to second finger rh. You can also use first and third fingers rh on their respective tone holes on many Alberts. b natural is just like b flat on a boehm. C through E same as boehm. F is thumb and second finger lh, just like fingering C on a sax. Or play E and add the side key(s) with rh, just like on a sax. F# is just like F on a boehm. G thru B flat just like boehm. Add the octave key and repeat the above for b natural upward. Altissimo register -- experiment!

Unless you have a very good Albert clarinet, the experience will make you wonder why it took so long for the Boehm system to catch on.

Have fun!

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 RE: Albert System Fingerings on www
Author: Arnold the basset hornist 
Date:   1999-08-27 07:40

see <a href=>fingering table by Mr. Kiel, Germany</a>

the one I'm going to write (includes trills, basset keys) is still incomplete (chalumeau only done)

Arnold (the basset hornist)

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 RE: Albert System Fingerings
Author: Don Berger 
Date:   1999-08-27 16:39

Good advice above, many older tutors have the turn-of-the-century fingerings for the Albert-Muller and Boehm. Also the Int. Clar. A'ssn. "The Clarinet" has had several articles I recall on the A-M, which you may be able to find online [others please help]. Or just experiment, like we all do, to find the best sounding alternative fingerings for the "problem" notes. Don

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 RE: Albert System Fingerings
Author: Mark Charette 
Date:   1999-08-27 16:53

Don Berger wrote:
"The Clarinet" has had several articles I recall on the A-M, which you may be able to find online [others please help].
The master index is on the ICA site <B><A HREF=></A></B>; however, few if any of the articles are on the site.

Mark Charette, Webmaster, <A HREF=></A>

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