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 Davie Cane: Mozart Reeds
Author: Keil 
Date:   2002-11-04 14:56

has anyone tried these out? reactions, thoughts, comments?

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 RE: Davie Cane: Mozart Reeds
Author: James 
Date:   2002-11-04 16:51

They definately didn't work for me. I tried two and tossed the box.... Gonzalez are great reeds though, they tend to be a little brighter in tone quality than v12s....

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 RE: Davie Cane: Mozart Reeds
Author: Ken Shaw 
Date:   2002-11-04 19:55

I've tried a couple of boxes. They're a lot like Vandoren Classic, except that 7 out of 10 play well out of the box, and all of them can be made playable.

Ken Shaw

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 RE: Davie Cane: Mozart Reeds
Author: charles 
Date:   2002-11-05 00:02

I use the Davie Cane reed blanks, to make my reeds, they work very nicely. Just my opinion

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 RE: Davie Cane: Mozart Reeds
Author: L. Omar Henderson 
Date:   2002-11-05 02:03

Mackintosh and Granny Smith - just two kinds of apples with different flavors. For me at least, the Mozarts have a more complex tonal color - full of overtones and the Gonzalez F.O.F. reeds have a full but more focused tonal quality. I get many good reeds out of each of the boxes and the others I find easily fixable. Disclaimer- I sell Gonzalez Reeds
The Doctor

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 RE: Davie Cane: Mozart Reeds
Author: GBK 
Date:   2002-11-05 04:33

Since The Doctor has a valid conflict of interest with Gonzalez and Mozart reeds, I will fill in some of the details which he was not able to provide.

As one who is old enough (unfortunately) to remember playing on the original Morre reeds, the Gonzalez FOF will bring those pleasant memories back. The Gonzalez reeds are very consistant, with the cane quality (dense fibers which run to the tip) being superior to any other reed currently marketed. Many clarinetists have either permanently switched to Gonzalez reeds, or certainly rotate them among their current Vandorens.

The Mozart reeds are patterned after the older (1960's model) Olivieri reed. The reeds are slightly less lively than the Gonzalez FOF, but have a larger projection of sound. (my impressions only).

For me (and most everyone I have talked to), the most impressive quality of both models is the little fussing that it takes to get the reeds to concert ready levels. Most play with little to no adjusting at all - just proper break in procedures. The others are highly "fixable", but with less doctoring than Vandorens take.

One last note (pun intended): Davie Cane is very proud of the fact that their cane is sufficiently aged. The Gonzalez reeds list their harvest date on the package. The last reeds I purchased were "Harvest of 1998".

I challenge Vandoren to do the same.

In conclusion - Both Phil Shapiro (Davie Cane Co.) and The Doctor (Doctor's Products) are sponsors of woodwind.org, and great guys as well. Their integrity is an asset to the clarinet community...GBK

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 RE: Davie Cane: Mozart Reeds
Author: Aussie Nick 
Date:   2002-11-05 06:27

How would I find out if anyone in Australia sells these 2 types of reeds? If V12's don't work for me, is it safe to assume that Gonzalez won't either?

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 RE: Davie Cane: Mozart Reeds
Author: nzdonald 
Date:   2002-11-05 10:00

the best way for you to buy them from Aussieland is to get them from The Doctor, he has the cheapest freight charges.
i really like the Gonzalez reeds, and find that while i need to do quite a bit of work on the MOzarts to get them to go for me- this is rewarded by longevity and a fabulous "tonal depth". For both of these reeds (M plus FOF) i find "breaking in" to be crucial (wet/drying/flattening type process) and continued polishing of both the upper and lower surfaces of the reed to be important. Generally every box i've got of the FOF reeds has had some reeds that played well with little or no adjustment, but the rest have been playable with minum adjustment.
Previously with Vandoren and Rico GC reeds i found "breaking in" and "polishing" to be of dubious advantage. "Breaking in" usually resulted me missing out on the reed having maximum "ping"... by the time i used it for anything important it was losing its pliability. Polishing the vamp etc never seemed to achieve anything. But with these reeds both "traditions' seem to have some result and now make sense.

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