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 Opinions PLEASE! Selmer vs LeBlanc vs Buffet!
Author: Barbara 
Date:   1999-08-25 00:50

Some of you out there have been VERY helpful in the past, but the more I look into getting a "better" clarinet for my daughter, the more confused I get! She originaly wanted a new Buffet R-13, but we've decided that it's out of our price range. What are your opinions of a used "excellent" condition Selmer Signature 10, or a LeBlanc L7? I also noticed that one of the Selmers has gold plated keys ... are these better or worse than silver? What about the lower priced Buffet E-13? It boggles my mind! Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated! And a special thank you to those of you who have offered advice in the past ... my computer crashed and I no longer have your e-mail addresses!

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 RE: Opinions PLEASE! Selmer vs LeBlanc vs Buffet!
Author: ted 
Date:   1999-08-25 01:26

I've played an L7 Bb for about 7 years. I also know of several others on this bulletin board who play on an L7. It was Leblanc's top-of-the-line through most of the 70s. I get many compliments on my tone. The intonation of the instrument is great as well as the key action. I use a Portnoy mouthpiece with it and Rovner ligerature. I haven't tried the others (except the R13) so I can't comment on them. If your daughter likes the L7, I think you should seriousy consider it.

The L7 is a pro instrument. The E13 is intermediate. I'm not sure about the Selmer Signature, though I do know they make excellant pro instruments.

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 RE: Opinions PLEASE! Selmer vs LeBlanc vs Buffet!
Author: William Fuller 
Date:   1999-08-25 02:15

Perhaps the LeBlanc Sonata clarinet is what you are looking for. It is an "intermediate" clarinet has the same accoustical chacteristics of the "top-line" LeBlanc Opus and Concerto models but costs about half their price. They are great, moderately priced instruments and are available at most music stores that sell LeBlanc products.

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 RE: Opinions PLEASE! Selmer vs LeBlanc vs Buffet!
Author: Gary Van Cott 
Date:   1999-08-25 15:28

You might also want to consider a used R-13. Buffet has been making it for 45+ years (with small changes over time). Since it hasn't been discontinued as Selmer, Lablanc, and Yamaha frequently do with their models, it tends to hold its value better.

Used R-13 are roughly $800-1200 depending on age (mostly) and condition.

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 RE: Opinions PLEASE! Selmer vs LeBlanc vs Buffet!
Author: Don Berger 
Date:   1999-08-25 16:28

IMVHO the very best from these 3 "biggies" [and likely Yamaha also now] have all been excellent for many years, and the differences among them seem to be significant to the many "devotees", myself among them re: LeBlanc of which I have had the most experience. I have recently played several [VG] older Buff's, and relatives have just now chosen a new R 13 over a Vintage and a Selmer Signature [dont you mean a Selmer SERIES 10?]. Other than my "big-bore" Sel CT [1952] ,also VG, have just heard raves about the Recital and Signature. I play as #1 my LeB L 7, and have now an L 70, which [to me] is equally good, and have felt [re: playing comfort for my medium-small hands] that, particularly for alto and bass, that LeB's are my favorites, again humble opinion! TRY them all. Don

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 RE: Opinions PLEASE! Selmer vs LeBlanc vs Buffet!
Author: Bonnie 
Date:   1999-08-25 19:56

I really like my Leblanc L7. However, the best thing would be for your daughter to try out the clarinets you're considering buying. Buying a clarinet to play day in and day out is too personal a decision to be made by anyone other than her. You set the parameters (price range, how far you're willing to go to find what she needs and wants), help her find horns to try out, then let her give them a try. She'll have to live with the clarinet, so (IMHO) she needs to make that very subjective choice.

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 RE: Opinions PLEASE! Selmer vs LeBlanc vs Buffet!
Author: Benjamin 
Date:   1999-08-27 13:12

I prefer the Buffet R13. The most perfect instrument in my hand. Before I used Buffet R 13, I used the Leblanc in the school. It it easy to use, but after 2 years my teacher my me a new Buffet R13. It is perfect!!!!!!!!!

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 RE: Opinions PLEASE! Selmer vs LeBlanc vs Buffet!
Author: PB 
Date:   1999-08-27 21:50

Don't get the cart before the horse!!
First find a good mouthpiece, THEN shop for clarinets (my favorite mouthpiece is made by VanDoren). I don't know the history, whether your daughter has ever played before-but if she has, have her try out the instrument (with the good mouthpiece)and THEN decide from the ones she/you like (tone, ease of play, sheer preference)you'd consider buying. Remember that just because it has a good brand name doesn't necessarily mean she'll enjoy playing it more. I have two clarinets (Bb), one is a Buffet R-13, one is a Barbier-nearly 100 years old. My personal preference is the old one, cost me all of $400 - 12 years ago!

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