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 What kind of clarinet should I buy?
Author: Iria 
Date:   1999-08-07 21:42

Hi. I've been taking private clarinet lessons for approximatly one year. The clarinet I use is a plastic Bundy made in the 1960's. I want recommendations on a clarinet that is either intermediate or professional because I want to continue with this instrument for many years. I'm a high school student with minimum wage, so my clarinet budget is $500.

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 RE: What kind of clarinet should I buy?
Author: angella 
Date:   1999-08-07 22:02

if you want a professional clarinet- that is, if you really think you're going to persue clarinet as a profession, i think a buffet is best (what is most played) leblanc makes a good like of clarinets as well. but you're talking near 2000, average depending on where you buy. look at the classifieds here and see what is used. sometiems you can get a good used clarinet for a good price. sometimes people are selling then not because they are bad instruments, but just because they don't need them anymore. you might check your local music store if they deal in clarinets and see what they have. i'd have a teacher try one out with you before you actually purchase one, and try more than one out if you are able. i wouldn't buy a yamaha, as i've found the sound to be rather stuffy and i didn't like the selmer line, but many people like and play selmer clarinets. it's really up to you as what you buy. you may want to just look into an intermediate model- which is cheaper probably but will suit your needs just as well. buffet, leblanc and selmer i'm sure all make an intermediate model clarinet that is good. i'm sure you'll get lots of advice on this. good luck. also, there is the ebay auction site, but you have to place bids and keep bidding when you're outbid.... also, you never know what you're going to get, even if you look at a picture. i'd try to buy something you are seeing in person first.

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 An option
Author: Nicole Y. 
Date:   1999-08-08 00:15

I can understand where you're coming from; I've been there myself. EXCEPT my budget was even less. You could get a clarinet by one of the major makers (Yamaha, Leblanc, Buffet, Selmer... I prefer Leblanc) from a place like the Woodwind and Brasswind. OR you could take a chance and buy a Noblet or something intermediate(they're pretty common on www.ebay.com) for about $150 and expect to redo the pads and corks. That would cost you about, oh, say $350 or so bottom line. I would love to recommend Rossi and all those others, but I've heard they're really expensive. So they probably wouldn't fit your budget. BUT look into them newayz (I love to spell creatively :^) ) You could also look in the Classifieds here.

Hope it helps,
the freshman,
Nicole Y.

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 RE: What kind of clarinet should I buy?
Author: Alexis 
Date:   1999-08-08 00:18

You are going to have certain difficulties finding an intermediate-level instrument for only $500. It can be done, but it will take research, since prices for new intermediates (Buffet E-11, E-12 and the like) run closer to $750-1200. Used ones, if they've been used a long time, can run closer to $450. I bought an eight-year-old E-11 for that much (newly padded etc). It's a great instrument, but it was chance that I had the opportunity to get it. New student plastic clarinets are in the neighborhood of $300. So look around, do research, consider spending more if possible, and definitely play the clarinet you want before you decide to buy it. I wish you luck.

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 RE: What kind of clarinet should I buy?
Author: Dee 
Date:   1999-08-08 03:00

While you think about clarinets, let me suggest that you invest in a really good mouthpiece. It can make a substantial difference in any clarinet including the Bundy. You will need it anyway no matter what you buy and in the meantime, this could be all you might need for another year or so. Gives you time to save more money too so that your instrument search will be a little easier since you'll have more to spend.

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 RE: What kind of clarinet should I buy?
Author: angella 
Date:   1999-08-08 06:03

dee has a great point- i agree totally. richard hawkins makes a great one, or try maybe giglotti or even vandoren
5rv lyre or m-13 lyre. i don't recommend the woodwind series, as they sound rather shrill to me. you should try some before you buy. even some by the same maker can vary drastically.

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 RE: What kind of clarinet should I buy?
Author: Meri 
Date:   1999-08-11 21:11

First, Iria, are you looking for a better job?

Second, if you haven't already, find out whether your parents are willing to pay for part of your instrument. You can mention how much you've saved for this purchase. If they're willing, your price range could go up substantially, especially if they're willing to contribute another $500-$1000.

Third, put your birthday money towards your instrument.

Fourth, consider financing your instrument. That is, make a down payment, and then pay off the balance at say, $100-150 per month until you have paid off the balance. (You may require your parents in this option)You already have a significant down payment.

Finally, ask the private clarinet teachers or even your music teacher if they know of students who are selling their instruments.(They might even be able to negotiate on price for you)


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 RE: What kind of clarinet should I buy?
Author: Roger Harvey 
Date:   1999-08-12 03:39

Excellent advice from Dee. I would also suggest that you try other ligatures when upgrading your mouthpiece. I was amazed at the difference it makes. I settled on a Bonade inverted one ($15), but I laso like the new Rovner dark and the BG standard ligs. Well worth trying a few. The cost is small, but the difference can really surprise.

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