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 What's it worth?
Author: MichelleWI 
Date:   2002-07-22 18:33

I have been without an instrument since my high school days. I'm not versed in valuing instruments.

A friend of a friend has offered to sell me her clarinet. She is out of town and does not know it's worth. (Her parents bought it for her years ago.) I am researching it to offer her a fair price.

It's a wooden clarinet, not plastic. I see no cracks or other damage.

The mouthpiece says "James M. Pyne", "Clarion", "Sinfonic".

The bell says "Amati Krasuce" as best as I can make out, with an "ak" symbol.

Elsewhere on the instrument is a serial number, the "ak" symbol again and the code "ACL 311".

The case is in fine shape and clean. There is no brand name listed on it.

All corks need replaced and most pads look as though they need it, too. The entire instrument needs a good, proper cleaning.

Thank you for any information you can offer.

Michelle in WI

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 RE: What's it worth?
Author: ChattyClar 
Date:   2002-07-22 18:35

The mouthpiece is a good quality, student model. It runs for about $100.

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 RE: What's it worth?
Author: clare 
Date:   2002-07-22 19:46

Amati is the make, Kraslice is the place in the Czech Republic where these instruments are made. The 3-- series is their intermediate line instrument. Their current catalogue refers to the 311-II model, suggesting they've had a rebrand since the one you're talking about was made.

If you do a search on this BB there are a number of strings relating to the quality of Amati instruments. GBK did a review of their professional level full-Boehm A a while back (favourable), but there was also a debate on the extent to which the quality of production had changed over the past 10 years (consensus seems to be newer = better).

To get an idea of the price, you could look online at some of the major instrument retailers' sites to see how much new #IIs are retailing for.

Others will, I'm sure, have more informed views. Hope this helps a little.


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 RE: What's it worth?
Author: Synymous Botch 
Date:   2002-07-23 12:35

Buying used gear (of any kind) from friends may not be wise.

If the instrument ends up costing you a great deal to overhaul, or disappoints you over the years it may have a negative result apon your friendship.

If your friend has taken to playing another clarinet, there is a reason that this one did not satisfy. You may reach that point as well.


A complete overhaul will cost you between $100 and $225 USDollars, depending on needed repairs.

The mouthpiece is a pro model, which in no way guarantees playability for you. It's like buying dance shoes, there's a reason why so many sizes and variants are made.

Completely overhauled, in pristine (gently used) condition, the Amati is worth somewhere around $400 USD.

Offer no more than $150, with anticipation of repairs.


I would sooner layout the $400 you are likely to spend on a Yamaha YCL-52 or Evette Master Model. The Amati line may play well, but they have poor residual value.

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 RE: What's it worth?
Author: Susie 
Date:   2002-07-23 15:45

Would your friend allow you to take it either to an experienced player or teacher or to a shop and let someone who knows and/or works on clarinets take a look at it? I would think they'd be able to give you an idea of what it might cost to make it playable.

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 RE: What's it worth?
Author: Bob 
Date:   2002-07-23 16:21

I think the advice to not buy from friends is generally good. In my opinion and based on what you have said I would stay away from this horn as there are undoubtedly better options elsewhere.

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 RE: What's it worth?
Author: Gretchen 
Date:   2002-07-31 16:03

Michelle -

"...All corks need replaced..."

correction!! All corks need replacING...
All corks need TO BE replaced.

Are you from pittsburgh? I go to school there and they never use the verb TO BE. They say things like this all the time...hehe. I give everyone a hard time about it. Sorry. Just a little light hearted fun.  :):)

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 RE: What's it worth?
Author: Mark Charette 
Date:   2002-07-31 23:09

Gretchen wrote:
> Michelle -
> "...All corks need replaced..."
> correction!! All corks need replacING...
> or
> All corks need TO BE replaced.
>  :)

Pointing out people's incorrect spelling or grammar is a "no-no" on this board. Replying to a question with corrected quotes or titles is welcome.

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