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 Grad Schools for Clar. Performance
Author: Gretch 
Date:   1999-07-28 04:21

Where do I begin to find a graduate program that's right for me? I don't even really know what part of the country I want to be in. I just really want to study with a great teacher, and improve my playing.

I'm looking for a masters in clarinet performance. I also love teaching, but I want to take a couple of years to better my own playing and musicianship before devoting more time to education.

Where do I start!?!  :)

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 RE: Grad Schools for Clar. Performance
Author: Mark Charette 
Date:   1999-07-28 05:01

What a wide open question! There's plenty to choose from, but you're the one who's going to have to make the decision. Is there some player in the US or other country that you admire? Do they teach? What are their requirements? When are you prepared to audition?

After you've got those question answered, then it's money time - how much of a stipend can you expect, if any? Scolarships? What are the performance opportunities at the school and the surrounding environs? Does the teacher have a good record for placement in your chosen area (performance, teaching, etc.)?

Do you really need a graduate degree? Is the extra 2 or 3 years going to help you career wise, or should you be looking at a job in the area first, and take more courses as you have time? IMHO, a job in a (most probably) minor orchestra would be a better idea, since experience on your resume' is going to count for a lot. Perhaps private lessons with a well-known teacher or player would cost much less and bring the same results.

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 RE: Grad Schools for Clar. Performance
Author: Therese 
Date:   1999-07-28 14:14

I am partial to Eastman School of Music, mainly because I'm in its backyard. But it is ranked No. 1 in the country for best graduate schools (both music and non...I think). The professors there are wonderful (Grant and Manasse). Definetly check it out. Call Ken Grant up and have a chat with him! Its a beautiful school. Good luck! www.rochester.edu/eastman ~*therese

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 RE: Grad Schools for Clar. Performance
Author: www.mytempo.com 
Date:   1999-07-29 04:18

Do that for your Doctrate. Get the Masters Degree now - If you stop schooling now, you probably will never return - and that will hold you back in getting a job (say as a University Teacher). Doesn't matter one bit for an Orchestra gig, but it does matter for the teaching job you may have to get before securing that Orch job.

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 RE: Grad Schools for Clar. Performance
Author: angella 
Date:   1999-08-07 23:29

i agree- keep going. also, look for teachers and orchestras not names of schools, as players leave schools with great names, that aren't necessarily better than some players that have come out of a simple state school. you should like the teacher, feel comfortable wtih them and thier teaching style. also, money- can you afford the tuition, what money will they give and also, can you afford to live in the city itself? i know new york is high and ann arbor (michigan state) is very high as well. northwestern is good- russ dagon is a nice guy and he seems to be producing many students who get jobs. i go to rice university in houston. most grad students pay little or nothing. it depends. all money goes to students- none of it goes to masterclasses, bringing in artists, trips, etc. it's a great school. the orchestra here is amazing, and likely one of the best in the country, for colleges. not a point to be argued, though. my teacher, michael webster is a great pedagogue, and also is writing a method on teaching. there are many opportunities to teach privately here, as texas has this thing about band, and most schools hire a teacher for every instrument. you could likely make a living just teaching privately (if your sanity could take it!) really, it's an amazing place. something else to consider is--- there is no band program here. at the larget schools, you may end up playing mostly in band. there are amazing bands out there, but personally, i wasn't interested in any more band playing. i didn't want to spend most of my masters fighting to play in orchestra and playing in band. it;s up to you. it's only orchestra here. also, the studio is about 6 students, and most of the winds are masters students. few undergrads, which is why the orchstra is so great. other studios, at larger schools, can have up to 30 students... which would make a big difference in personal attention and playing opportunities. it's up to you. good luck.

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