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 North Western Univ
Author: David Goss 
Date:   1999-07-22 16:33

I saw a few posts about NWU in the pre-med thread, but I figured I'd start another.

I'm looking at North Western for graduate school, concentration music ed. I've taken a look at the website and am impressed. I'd love to hear some more on this school. If someone has some inside info feel free to email me privately if you wish.

I'd like to know anything and everything about the school, surroundings, people, etc.


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 RE: North Western Univ
Author: STuart 
Date:   1999-07-22 17:40

I was born and raised in Evanston, IL., where NU is located. You are taslking aboout NU aren't you?
Anyway, a lot of student teachers and directors came through there and worked with my school, they all seemed competent and many of them great.
Evanston can be great or not depending on what you like to do. As a teenager I found it a bit stifling but good for its "diversity". I put that in qoutes cause Evanston suffers from historic segregation but demographicaly appears diverse. There are great cheaper restaurants and serious Chicago pizza. You're near the El and can ride down to Chicago very easily and conveinently. Evanston is right across the street from Chi.
If your a clarinet player, you got Bill Brannen right there on Hinman Ave. That was a blessing to me, one night before some all-state thing I fell asleep with my horn and couldn't get it apart in the morning! Believe it or not, he was VERY nice about it. There's also Music Unlimited - run by a clarinetist, and The Sax Shop - run by Bob Black, both great resources in Evanston.
Chicago also has an incredobly exciting new music/improve scene that's getting international attention.
Did I mention the pizza?

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 RE: North Western Univ
Author: steve 
Date:   1999-07-22 22:05

pizza....gullivers on howard st...but that was 25 years ago....is evanston still dry?.....music....fred hemke, marcellus, stowell, ormand, dagon, jpp, rubenstein, ray still, arnold jacobs, crisafulli, bobby black, linn nereim, jane marvine, charley butler, jimmy olin, eddie carroll, amazingrace....the spot.....a long time ago....i envy you dave....


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 RE: North Western Univ
Author: William Fuller 
Date:   1999-07-22 23:05

Russ Dagon is the finest teacher I ever knew. Then. of course, you're in the "Big Windy." that Toddling Town Life is good--what more can you ask????

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 RE: North Western Univ
Author: STuart 
Date:   1999-07-22 23:48

GuLLIVER's!! So many lamps!!

Evanston is no longer dry, the State Congress demanded they open up some bars by the time Stuart Bogie turned 21! Now, they're kind trendy, but they're effective.

David, Evanston is supposedly the seat of the Women's Christian Temperence Movement which despite a name implying water to wine, went wine to crime (famed mobs of the Capone days). Its no longer quite as conservative a town but I'm proud to say lacks any sort red light district, which I suppose is also attributable to the modern day Calvinists.

Apparently NU has seen some changes lately, particularly in the music area, but I can't say what sort of changes.
Good Luck! Maybe I'll see you in Evanston!

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 RE: North Western Univ
Author: Greg Smith 
Date:   1999-07-23 05:31

"Well ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the clarinet capitol of the world." - Robert Marcellus addressing his 1976 summer clarinet masterclass attendees at Northwestern University Lutkin concert hall (the clarinet faculty at the time being Principal Professor of Clarinet Marcellus and newly appointed professors Clark Brody and Larry Combs).

Perhaps he was not too far off.

G.S. Northwestern University class of 1980.

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 RE: North Western Univ
Author: Tim2 
Date:   1999-07-25 02:19

David: Russ Dagon is going to be teaching full time at Northwestern starting this coming school year. He retired from the Milwaukee Symphony this year. I have a tape of him doing the Copland Concerto from a few seasons back. Good musicianship. I wish you good things at Northwestern.

STuart: Where is Music Unlimited? Easy to get to? I'm in Milwaukee, WI. Thanks.

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 Music Unlimited
Author: STuart 
Date:   1999-07-27 22:51

Music Unlimited is just north of Dempster on this street that runs along the El tracks, by Cafe Express. I remember he sold reeds cheap as a service to the NU players, he had a nice selection, I always bought too much!

I wish I was closer to Evanston!
(I miss my family)

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