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 Don Byron
Author: Kev Mac 
Date:   1999-07-20 23:40

For the last six months or so I've been listening to the clarinet playing of Don Byron and I have to tell you,I never get tired of hearing this guy.

Is there anyone else out there who 'gets' Don Byron?!!

By the way,for the people interested in Klezmer,check out'Don Byron plays the music of Micky Katz'.

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 RE: Don Byron
Author: Fat Albert 
Date:   1999-07-21 02:45

I have his Mickey Katz album. Truly awesome! The vocals are pretty funny to someone like me that has never heard that type of music, but the clarinet playing is stunning. His album, BUG MUSIC, is also highly recommended.

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 RE: Don Byron
Author: Daniel 
Date:   1999-07-21 05:43

I saw Don Byron in a jazz concert series here in Houston back in February. Very talented player he is. Some of the stuff he does sounds like Eddie Daniels... other things are very unique... And he seems to be much less arrogant than Eddie, which is a plus. I have not been able to get ahold of any other albums other than his Bug Music, which was available at the public library... but i'm sure the rest is good too.

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 RE: Don Byron
Author: STuart 
Date:   1999-07-21 18:59

i first Heard Don Byron like 7 years and thanked the Lord Above. Daniel, you have to explain how he sounds like Eddie Daniels because I think the differance is huge and fundamental. Eddie Daniels plays very agreeable nice stuff (even though he seems to be able to play anything, this is his choice). Don Byron plays music that is central to the most exciting things in modern jazz. Check out him on Bill Frisell records, or with Reggie Workman on his own record (my favorite) Tuskegee Experiments. Also on that record, he does a rendition of a Shumann song that IMHO is only matched by Dietrich Ficsher-Diskau (sp?). You can check out his Afro-cuban band on his record Music for 6 Musicians, he rocks the latin sound as well as the Klezmer!
Don Byron is pushing envelopes that need to be pushed, and pushed further. I'd probably own more of his records (like the latest ones with Biz Markie) if I wasn't interested in such similar things! Has anyone heard the Biz Markie record that Byron did?
Not to dis Eddie Daniels cause he has amazing technique, but other than Nepenthe, and maybe Blackwood (which was very relaxing when I heard it in the dentist's office) his music had not touched a fraction as much as it has impressed me.

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 RE: Don Byron
Author: Mark Charette 
Date:   1999-07-21 19:06

STuart wrote:
Not to dis Eddie Daniels cause he has amazing technique, but other than Nepenthe, and maybe Blackwood (which was very relaxing when I heard it in the dentist's office) his music had not touched a fraction as much as it has impressed me.
Discussing Eddie with a clarinet notable last night, I mentioned that I pretty much considered Eddie, as we used to call them back when I played jazz, a "one-note Johnnie". I'd been hearing the same licks from Eddie for years. My buddy (to my surprise) agreed, saying he'd heard the same licks when Eddie was primarily playing sax.

Eddie's got tone & technique, but blazing new trails he ain't.

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 RE: Don Byron
Author: Kev Mac 
Date:   1999-07-21 23:37


Right on!!

You are a 'person'after my own heart.I couldn,t have summed it up better myself.For me Don Byron is THE most exiting and inovative clarinetist I have come across to date.I have the record you mentioned with Biz Markie 'NU BLAXPLOITATION'
Pure genius!What other such similar things are you interested in?I'm keen to find out.Also,as well as the records you mentioned and 'Bug Life' mentioned by Daniel and Fat Albert, I have Don Byrons' 'NO-VIBE ZONE'and a couple of Klezmer CDs he features on;
'Klezmania'and'Festival of Light'.
Does anyone know of other recordings which he appears on? Is it possible to get hold of any of his arrangements?

As far as Eddie Daniels is concerned well, I do still listen to him.Especially when I'm suffering from extreme insomnia!!

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 RE: Don Byron
Author: STuart 
Date:   1999-07-23 17:10

Hey, I just picked up Blaxspoitation yesterday!
I like it pretty well. I wish he would just blow for a solid 10 minutes over one of those groove, Miles Davis band 1970-75 style (like Sonny Fortune did). His band is a little to jazzy-funk for me, though, when I drop something on this tip, it'll be more hip-hop derived or more raw funk sound than the jazzy funk. It's a difficult distintion that most drummers don't seem to appreciate. I know maybe 3 or 4 who can do this. The best drummer I've heard at this sound is ?uestion from the group "The Roots" who perform the best live hip-hop on instruments (no turntables) I've ever heard.

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 RE: Don Byron
Author: www.mytempo.com 
Date:   1999-07-26 03:40

I liked his Klezmer envelope just fine. Can't take the modern jazz stuff.

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