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 Selmer Signet 100
Author: Wayne 
Date:   1999-06-28 10:48

I am a bit confused about the Selmer Signet 100, even though I have read some of the previous postings. Is it a student level instrument or an intermediate level one? Also, how much would you expect to pay for a good condition used instrument?

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 RE: Selmer Signet 100
Author: Debbie 
Date:   1999-06-29 04:21

My personal experience with the Selmer "Signet" line of clarinets is that they are classified as intermediate-level instruments; the 3 basic models of "Signet" were, from "bottom to top" as it were - the "Signet 100" model= your basic intermediate clarinet; next level up, the "Signet Special"= basically the same as the "Signet 100", only with a better-grade mouthpiece (usually one of the Selmer hard-rubber pro models such as the HS* or HS**, etc.) and perhaps slightly better-quality wood; and the top-line intermediate clarinet being designated the "Signet Soloist" model= the "deluxe rendition" of the basic "Signet 100"; basically the same clarinet, but a bit extra care taken with wood selection, key fitting, the better mpc selection, better wood, a bit more extensive play-testing & regulating, etc. and a few more options as far as keywork plating (instead of your basic nickel-plating, I've seen one or two with silver-plating & even a couple of chrome-looking ones!!!) The later models of Signet clarinets were produced in Resonite instead of wood, if I remember correctly. The Selmer Signet line was quite popular 20 to 30 years ago; some of the better models of the wooden ones were pretty decent horns & with proper upkeep & a good mpc and a good player could sound good enough to carry a musician thru high school & college and even into entry-level graduate, post-graduate & semi-pro positions. The Resonite models were more along the line of a "glorified" student instrument, but could be pretty decent in the right hands. There are still *ALOT* of Selmer Signet clarinets "out there"; I've seen ones in really good shape going for anywhere from $200 to $600; ones in fair shape going for $100 to $300 & everywhere in between. I once picked up a wood "Signet Special" in very good shape (only needed a few bug-eaten pads replaced & a few minor key adjustments) for only $200 from a private owner. Hope this helps you out some; wishing you all the best in your endeavors.

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 RE: Selmer Signet 100
Author: Fred McKenzie 
Date:   1999-06-29 11:09

Wayne wrote:
I am a bit confused about the Selmer Signet 100, even though I have read some of the previous postings. Is it a student level instrument or an intermediate level one? Also, how much would you expect to pay for a good condition used instrument?


I purchased a used Signet Special in 1976. The same store had a new Signet 100 for a little more money. There was no comparison. The Special had metal rings around the ends of the wood, and the 100 had none. That particular 100 had one joint that WOULD NOT go together! It wasn't just tight cork, the wood interfered. Quality was obviously better in the Special.

You can't judge them all by one example. Before you buy, check to see if there are any obvious problems. Try it with a tuner to be sure of the intonation.

I would guess that a good price for a good used Signet 100, would be around $200-$250. If you find one at a pawn shop, don't pay more than half that, since they can't offer the same kind of guarantee or service as a music store.

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 RE: Selmer Signet 100
Author: Bill H. 
Date:   1999-07-02 21:39

I have a Signet Soloist that I got when I was 13 (I turn 50 this year so you know its been around a while). I recently had it entirely refurbished -- a few new springs, keys adjusted, etc. It now plays quite well. There are some interesting intonation problems around the lower B Bb that I haven't quite figured out and the keys tend to clatter some. But I would definitely considered it to be a higher end intermediate instrument. (I'm ready to move up but that will be another topic).

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