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 Malerne Clarinet
Author: Jason Moffat 
Date:   2001-10-19 09:19

Does anybody know anything about the Malerne clarinet, who its made by, are they sttill made etc, many thanks


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 RE: Malerne Clarinet
Author: Don Berger 
Date:   2001-10-19 12:54

Ask Dave Spiegelthal, and Mark Charrette !!!

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 RE: Malerne Clarinet
Author: Mark Charette 
Date:   2001-10-19 13:06

Try a search here on the BBoard for Malerne

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 RE: Malerne Clarinet
Author: Jason Moffat 
Date:   2001-10-19 13:22

Thanks for the reply, I found some stuff, but I still cannot find out anything on different models etc, any ideas?


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 RE: Malerne Clarinet
Author: David Spiegelthal 
Date:   2001-10-19 13:30

In Bb clarinets, the Malerne "Standard" was a student/intermediate model, made of wood mostly but the later ones (post 1960 or so) were plastic. Very good instruments, more than a match for their competition. The Malerne "Professional" was (as you might guess) the top-of-the-line. I'm not sure if there was another model in the middle of these two, if so, I've never had one in my hands. Your search here on Sneezy should turn up what little we know about the company!

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 RE: Malerne Clarinet
Author: Bob Arney 
Date:   2001-10-19 15:08

If you are not mezmerized by the "Big Four", and not conditoned by the "R-13" clan with their peer pressure, you will find them very satisfactory instruments. At least I do---But what do I know, I'm not a professional and I didn't sleep at a "Holiday Inn" last night. I have a Bb "Standard" and a Bb Bass (Conn Stencil) both reconditioned by Dave S...As the old ad said "Try It--You'll Like It."
Bob A

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 RE: Malerne Clarinet
Author: Anthony Greenwood 
Date:   2001-10-19 15:20

Malerne also made a 'Artiste' clarinet, I saw one at Johnny Roadhouses in Manchester, UK. Since seeing this I have wondered if the Jean Cartier clarinets which pop up frequently on ebay 4star pro, artist and standard were made by Malerne

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 RE: Malerne Clarinet
Author: Jack Kissinger 
Date:   2001-10-19 15:28

I think I may have posted some information about Malerne to the Klarinet list so, if you searched there, you may have found most of what I know but I don't think I've ever posted that info to the bulletin board.

My first wooden clarinet was a Malerne Paris Professional. My parents surprised me with it for Christmas when I was in 5th grade, around 1956. Up till then, I had been playing on an old metal instrument. I think my folks bought the Malerne from the Sears catalog. I still have it and, for many years it was my backup instrument but I haven't played it for quite awhile. When my daughter started taking lessons (from a clarinetist who was peforming as a temporary replacement with the St. Louis Symphony) she used it for awhile and her teacher was amazed at its quality.

Funny thing is that while my daughter could play it well in tune and I had no trouble with intonation when I was playing it regularly, I have a devil of a time with it now. Evidence to me that we do adjust to our instruments. I also own an eefer made by Malerne around 1972. It carries the Linton label. When Linton was manufacturing clarinets, they made their own plastic sopranos but contracted with Malerne to make all their wooden harmony clarinets. Malerne also apparently made resonite or ebonite (not sure which) bass clarinets. (There is a post somewhere in the Klarinet archives discussing some problems characteristic of Malerne basses. If you are interested in Malerne, it's worth searching out.)

Over the years, I've learned a few things about the company that might be helpful
to you. Their factory was located in the "woodwind district" outside Paris close
to the Buffet and Selmer factories. In addition to manufacturing instruments
under their own label, they also manufactured "stencils" for Olds, Conn and Linton
(and probably others). According to Jack Linton, current president of Linton, moonlighting was common in that era and district so the company likely had more than a little work done by the same craftsmen who were turning out Buffet and Selmer instruments. Malerne had hopes that one of his children would carry on with the business after him but apparently none were interested so the factory closed and was sold to SML (Strasser, Marigaux and Lemaire) in the 70's or 80's. (I forget the exact date. One can find it on the net if one searches rigorously under Marigaux -- now known for making oboes and especially English horns among the finest in the world.) I suspect (but don't know for sure) that Marigaux clarinets are now made there.
Malerne lasted much longer than most of the other "independent" clarinet
manufacturers -- far past WWII which is when some Klarinet listers seem to think
it met its demise.

Malernes probably never achieved the quality of Buffets or Selmers but they are,
IMHO, well-built instruments. Nowadays, I would classify my Paris Professional as comparable to a decent intermediate instrument. The "Standard," alas, is probably at best a
student model. The "Professional" has four stars in the label. The "Standard" has none. There was also a 3-star model, termed the "Intermediate."

One last story. If you search the Klarinet archives on "Drucker and Malerne," you will find a
couple of interesting posts, both of which mention that Stanley Drucker has an old
Malerne stock mouthpiece that he thinks very highly of. When I originally read
these, I went looking for my old Malerne mouthpieces. (I had two for my Bb. The
first one they sent was slightly chipped so they sent another.) Alas, they were
apparently lost many years ago when my parents moved from the house I grew up in.
A Malerne mouthpiece with the characteristic Chedeville blank markings (one ligature line up, three down, "France" to the left of the table) sold on eBay awhile back. Perhaps Stanley Drucker has/had one of these. I don't think that mine were of this type but, if you have an old Malerne with an original mouthpiece, it might be worth cleaning up, sterilizing and giving a try.

Best regards,

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 RE: Malerne Clarinet
Author: Jason Moffat 
Date:   2001-10-19 16:00

Thank you all for your input, much appreciated!


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 RE: Malerne Clarinet
Author: Wes 
Date:   2001-10-20 07:45

Malerne also made a Boehm system oboe with ring keys like a clarinet. While it made a lot of sense from fingering and manufacturing points of view, it's acoustics seemed to be French style from a century back and the sound probably would not fit into the American orchestra of today.

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 RE: Malerne Clarinet
Author: Tim Kelley 
Date:   2001-10-21 14:47

I played a Malerne Standard in the 50s and 60s. It was a perfectly acceptable, durable clarinet, but definitely a student model. A couple of months ago found a Malerne Professional on ebay and grabbed it. It has a small bore by modern standards--a Selmer cotton swab won't pass through the top joint. Using a Selmer HS* mpc it has a beautiful, sweet sound, but of course not a lot of volume. The intonation seems good, given the far out of shape condition of my embouchure. As I understand it, the Marlene factory was taken over by SML about 1975 or so. Given the low prices they now sell for, a well cared for Malerne Professional is the best buy in quality clarinets.

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 RE: Malerne Clarinet
Author: Gordon (NZ) 
Date:   2001-10-22 11:30

Personally I was disappointed with the several Malernes I used to work on. I don't think they are even being played now. I've forgotten the details.

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 RE: Malerne Clarinet
Author: Theophilus 
Date:   2015-11-04 03:52
Attachment:  IMG_2584.JPG (1297k)
Attachment:  IMG_2576.JPG (1892k)
Attachment:  IMG011.jpg (508k)
Attachment:  IMG012.jpg (557k)

Hi i don't know if there's any activity for this subject, but i'm gonna try:)
So i've got a Robert Malerne Clarinet and i've got no solid info about it, hope some one can shed some light on my darkness of the subject!
What i know for sure is that RM built his own clarinets from 1929 to 1975, when he died, his children didn't continue the firm and the factory was bought by SML. I also read that the professional models have metal rings at the ends of the upper body. Knowing this gives me a large spectrum of years for my clarinet. i read somewhere that after 50' RM clarinets had Standard, 3 stars or 4 stars for beginner, intermediate and professional stamped on them together with his name and Paris, and they had serial numbers.
My clarinet has no serial number and no star or standard markings. It has two numbers stamped on it one i think a 65 under the left hand F ring and from what i remember a 31 stamped on the lower E key (the part that has the pad underneath) (i'm going to look for the exact numbers), it also has the normal markings: first row: R M; second row: Malerne; third row: Paris; My clarinet has the metal rings at the ends of the upper body, the parts that go one in the barrel and the other in the lower body.
Any kind of information on this would be much appreciated:) Year, and level would be perfect!


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 Re: Malerne Clarinet
Author: Nobody 
Date:   2015-11-04 04:53

[Content deleted]

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 RE: Malerne Clarinet
Author: Bengt Sareld 
Date:   2017-02-24 21:23

I was so thrilled to find information about Malerne. I was pretty much inte playing as a young boy, but with age it has decreased.
I bought a Marlene Professional *** (three stars) around 1958, for SEK 475 (equivalent to appr 50 dollars today), and I have always liked it.

Reading about the Malerne factory was a thrill, thank you!

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 Re: Malerne Clarinet
Author: Wes 
Date:   2017-02-25 05:41

Did Malerne manufacture the Barklee wood clarinet as a stencil? I tried one this week that had excellent intonation, easy playing on a M13 Lyre, and a big sound.

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 Re: Malerne Clarinet
Author: GLHopkins 
Date:   2017-02-25 06:44

I've worked on many of these during my career at the bench. They've played well when in good repair, but intonation has been iffy on most of the lower models, and not too bad on the "professional" models. Malerne made clarinets for other companies, and many thought that their "Evette Schaeffer" model that they stenciled for Buffet was a very decent clarinet. I don't think it is the equivalent of the Buffet made Evette Schaeffer, but it was a very playable instrument. The keywork on their instruments is too soft in my opinion.

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 Re: Malerne Clarinet
Author: alanporter 
Date:   2017-02-25 08:54

What do you think about the one they made for Dallas ,London ? I have one labelled F. Buisson. Paris. The keywork is obviously Malerne ?

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 RE: Malerne Clarinet
Author: Loc Do 
Date:   2020-08-07 11:59

Post Edited (2020-08-07 12:41)

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 RE: Malerne Clarinet
Author: Loc Do 
Date:   2020-08-07 12:01
Attachment:  1.JPG (1295k)
Attachment:  2.JPG (1084k)

I am looking for some information about Marlene Francais Artiste Clarinet. Does anyone have information about this
Thank you

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