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 To Aussie Nick RE: Festival/RC
Author: KevinS 
Date:   2001-09-29 02:56

Hello Nick,

I have a suggestion for you that might not be so upsetting to your parents. First, You'll need to try something though.

One of the main differences between the RC and the R-13 is the fact that the RC has an oval shaped indentation reamed out of the top portion of the bell. This significantly changes the sound. The Yamaha SEV's have "copied" this feature. In my opinion, you can really tell the difference in the sound between a Yamaha without this feature and one that does.

My suggestion is this take the bell from your RC 'A' clarinet and try it on the Bb. See if there is a change in the tone. If there is, you might consider seeing if you could order just an RC bell for your Bb Festival.

I'm getting ready to order RC bells for my pair of R-13's I've tried the RC bell at a local music shop, and it does give you a "bigger" tone, while still keeping it fairly dark.

Good Luck,


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 RE: To Aussie Nick RE: Festival/RC
Author: Aussie Nick 
Date:   2001-09-29 05:38

Thanks Kevin. I have read somewhere about the different bells in the RC but I never thought of swapping. Might be worth a go. Doesn't the RC also have a larger bore? I think the keywork also has a slightly different feel on the RC but that doesn't matter its just a matter of getting used to it.

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 RE: To Aussie Nick RE: Festival/RC
Author: Ken Shaw 
Date:   2001-09-29 14:42

Kevin and Nick -

The Festival is not the same as the RC. The Festival and the RC bores in the upper joint are definitely not the same as the R-13 bore, and the hole placement (particularly the register key) is also different. I suspect that the lower joint bore is also somewhat different to accommodate the changed in the bell. I wouldn't count on an R-13 playing in tune with an RC bell. It's certainly worth the experiment, but if you have to buy one, it's well over $100. Better to find someone who has an RC or Festival and try the bell on your R-13. Take a tuner.

Best regards.

Ken Shaw

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 RE: To Aussie Nick RE: Festival/RC
Author: Robin 
Date:   2001-09-30 04:23

I seem to remember someone telling me that the RC bore is mainly different at the bottom of the lower joint. If you feel with your fingers, you will notice a kind of egg shape in the bore. As far as I know, the upper halves of the RC and the R13 are identical.

Aussie Rob.

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 RE: To Aussie Nick RE: Festival/RC
Author: KevinS 
Date:   2001-09-30 04:54


You make a good point. If you have the ability to try before buying, it's probably best.

I have asked the dealer here in town where I have all my horns serviced, and where I purchase all my accessories, etc... He has told me that the difference between the two horns is the egg shape ream in the bell. According to him, there is no difference in the bore. I've heard from other less trusted sources that the RC is tuned to A442. According to Boosey the lower joint is "conical" while the upper joint remains poly-cylindrical, and the horn is available tuned to 440 or 442.

The only person I know to ask that would know the absolute facts would be Msr. Kloc. He would probably know if the bell could be interchanged without affecting intonation. A group from the University is planning a trip to the Buffet distributorship in California. I will pose the question while I'm there, before ordering the bell.

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 RE: To Aussie Nick RE: Festival/RC
Author: Andy 
Date:   2001-09-30 09:08

I actually play on a pair of RC's and the only difference with the bore size/diameter stuff is that it is a conical in the lower joint/bell. It is obviously worth a try but I would think that since the tube is flared out in the lower half of the horn, putting a R13 bell on the bottom would create some sort of size gap, maybe with a slight overhang from the R13 bell creating a form of step appearance on the inside. I'm sorry that what I wrote sounds a little muddled, but Ihpe you understand what I mean. If you are down in Sydney or Canberra soon, give me a yell, and we can meet up for you try it if you haven't yet. Otherwise, I seem to remember someone from Queensland telling me they knew someone up there playing RC's, I will try and remember who!

See you later,

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