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 Clarinet Compositions by Women--Long List
Author: seabreeze 
Date:   2022-06-25 00:33

Erin Fung offers a list of works by female composers that use the clarinet in many settings from solo instrument to woodwind quintet participant. Most of these pieces go unexplored and are seldom heard.


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 Re: Clarinet Compositions by Women--Long List
Author: cigleris 
Date:   2022-06-26 00:16

Good comprehensive list, a few things missing however.

Peter Cigleris

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 Re: Clarinet Compositions by Women--Long List
Author: seabreeze 
Date:   2022-06-26 00:18

Can you fill it out with an addendum?

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 Re: Clarinet Compositions by Women--Long List
Author: cigleris 
Date:   2022-06-26 01:40

Could do but there is no contact info. It’s mainly English but nice to see that my contributions made the list

Peter Cigleris

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 Re: Clarinet Compositions by Women--Long List
Author: seabreeze 
Date:   2022-06-26 05:57

Contact information for Erin Fung: eofung@gmail.com.

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 Re: Clarinet Compositions by Women--Long List
Author: Dan Shusta 
Date:   2022-06-26 11:08


Your list is so long,...there bound to be some duplication in the following:

1. 10 Female Composers You Should Know (and their clarinet pieces)

2. 31 Clarinet Compositions Written by Female Composers

3. Short List of Favorite Works for Clarinet by Women Composers

4. Augusta Holmès - Clarinet Music By Women

5. 101 Clarinet Compositions Written by Women Composers

Clarinet Music By Women - A Comprehensive Catalogue 6a-6e

6a. Clarinet and Piano

6b. Unaccompanied Clarinet

6c. Concertos

6d. Clarinet and Winds

6e. Clarinet and Strings

Although the following is for sheet music, they do list the clarinetist names and their musical compositions:

7.Clarinet Repertoire of Women Composers - AllMusic

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 Re: Clarinet Compositions by Women--Long List
Author: cigleris 
Date:   2022-06-26 12:06

Thanks Seabreeze, I’ll study after I perform the Susan’s Poem Cantilena (as mentioned in this list). I’m referring to a couple of English wind quintets such as Susan Spain-Dunk’s Rhapsody which had just been recorded. I love that people are doing this. Hopefully many will programme this music.

Peter Cigleris

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 Re: Clarinet Compositions by Women--Long List
Author: SunnyDaze 
Date:   2022-06-26 12:45

Would it be okay to ask a quick question for young women coming through who might be reading this?

I'm just wondering - if one of us has written something, how do we get it "out there" so that people would know it? Is it just a matter of putting a video on youtube these days, or is there a more formal structure in the music world, where people have to enter their music in competitions and things like that?

Bearing in mind that a lot of women might be alone at home caring for small children and isolated from formal networking opportunities and the big competitions, it would be great to know how it works.


(Who has not written any compositions.)

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 Re: Clarinet Compositions by Women--Long List
Author: seabreeze 
Date:   2022-06-26 18:21

Thanks Dan for the additional material.
Erin Fung's list is the most comprehensive but the Clarinet Music by Women site has a lot going for it, including background information on the composers, links to recordings and sources selling the sheet music, and above all, an invitation to all interested parties to join the web site as a blog and submit additional works for clarinet by women. Little essays like the one on "5 College Audition Pieces for Clarinet by Women Composers" are likely to stimulate some interest.

Generally, players will try to program less familiar pieces if they can hear recorded samples that they like, and the sheet music is readily available at a reasonable price from a supplier who is prompt in shipping out the order. If any of these conditions are not prevailing, then one can expect the response, "forget it," let's just do a Brahms Sonata or the Hindemith, we've got the parts for that, and we know how the pieces go."

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 Re: Clarinet Compositions by Women--Long List
Author: seabreeze 
Date:   2022-06-26 22:23

There is no one way for a composer to become a household word and get their works played. Just a slew of possibilities and near impossibilities.

Get a super virtuoso to record it--such as Sabine Meyer, Corrado Guiffredi, Nicholas Baldeyrou, the Ottensamers, Martin Frost. Good luck with that!

Get the teachers at the big music schools to assign the composition as part of the curriculum--Julliard, Curtis, Yale, Eastman, Cleveland Institute, Manhattan School, Indiana U, Oberlin, USC and the Coburn School, Northwestern, DePaul, Rice, San Francisco Conservatory, Cincinnati Conservatory, Boston U, U. of North Texas. Good luck with that!

Get the less famous teachers in all the other college music schools to assign or recommend the composition. Sucess with this will probably vary like crazy from school to school and will require intense, unrelenting effort. (Ditto for
high school music programs and summer music camps).

Advertise in the clarinet magazines throughout the world, and hope someone is curious enough to buy your stuff. (Maybe a favorable review will help).

Convince a big name conductor to sponsor the work, Did I mention "near impossibilities"?

Drop the composition into the ocean of clarinet performances that flows across YouTube, and hope that someone hears it (favorably of course).

Let's stop here and maybe some actual women composers will chime in with better approaches that have worked for them--which might include putting their compositions into the lists compiled by Erin Fung and the Women Composers for Clarinet Blog mentioned earlier? And support the work of players like Peter Cigleris, who actively seek out and perform neglected but worthy compositions by many composers, including women.

Post Edited (2022-06-27 18:49)

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 Re: Clarinet Compositions by Women--Long List
Author: SunnyDaze 
Date:   2022-06-27 14:41

The thing that I'm finding is good for giving a tune legs to travel with across the internet, is to make a video of it playing in sibelius or Dorico.

People really like to see a piece of music playing and watch the sheet music at the same time with the little cursor travelling along.

I'm not sure if this is too rude to post, but this is an example of a piece that really took off in our house because it is displayed with the sheet music cursor to watch. We love seeing how the different threads of the music work together.


Please do just delete this if it's not appropriate for the forum.

But also perhaps an example of how women composers (or in this case adjusters) might actually like to approach quite serious subjects in perhaps rather a direct way, and music gives a chance to do that.

Looking at the situation in America and the UK at the moment I feel as though women need a voice to address some rather serious and urgent issues, and sending out music over Youtube is a very good way to do that.

Adult learner, Grade 3
Equipment: Yamaha Custom CX Bb, Fobes 10K CF mp,
Legere Soprano Sax American Cut #2, Vandoren Optimum German Lig.

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 Re: Clarinet Compositions by Women--Long List
Author: Liquorice 
Date:   2022-06-29 09:54

Thanks for that fugue Jenny. I love it! :-)

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