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 Tiny Bb Case
Author: SecondTry 
Date:   2022-06-09 19:24

Hi All:

When it comes to gigging I've found it best to carry my clarinet case in a larger bag that holds all my ancillary clarinet gear, that might be a bit much for even a large clarinet case.

Accordingly, what I need is a really small clarinet case, that need not hold much more than my Bb itself.

If anyone has a recommendation on a really small clarinet case I would appreciate it.


P.S. I tried searching this but the search function appears to be "down." This was the message I received when trying. I get this message whether logged in here or not.


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 Re: Tiny Bb Case
Author: marcia 
Date:   2022-06-09 19:57

Try this:

I have one and I love it.


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 Re: Tiny Bb Case
Author: Fuzzy 
Date:   2022-06-09 20:02

I have a friend who assembles his clarinet pre-gig then slides it into (essentially) a glorified piece of PVC (decked out with inner cushioning and an outer cordura cover so it looks acceptable.) Slings it over his shoulder via a strap attached to the outer cover and pedals his way to his gigs. He swears by it.


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 Re: Tiny Bb Case
Author: Bennett 2017
Date:   2022-06-09 20:50

Any of a number of unbranded clarinet cases are available on EBay. - Search on
clarinet case
Here's one US $28 about 14" wide: https://ebay.to/3aKGWnl

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 Re: Tiny Bb Case
Author: Paul Aviles 
Date:   2022-06-09 22:23

Not sure of current price OR availability, but the Yamaha pouche case that came with the CSG (for example) was the smallest I’d ever come across. However, it was not much smaller than the zipper Protec, which I currently use and it’s great! If it were only the fact that it stays open on your lap I would recommend it to anyone gigging with one horn.

…………Paul Aviles

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 Re: Tiny Bb Case
Author: Hurstfarm 
Date:   2022-06-10 01:49

This is about as small as it gets - not much bigger than a flute case. I’ve been very happy with mine when taking one instrument (up to A clarinet in size) in the minimum possible space.


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 Re: Tiny Bb Case
Author: Djudy 
Date:   2022-06-10 20:12

That micro protec case is my choice for the case-in-a-bag strategy, it's really compact and a hard shell. I got a light color (grey) so it is easily spotted.

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 Re: Tiny Bb Case
Author: Chris P 
Date:   2022-06-11 17:08

Protec is the best for both being compact as well as all the joints being separated. Likewise with their double case which is the same size as some larger single cases and again has all the joints separated.

If you're one of these people who need to carry around 20 different mouthpieces, 40 different barrels, 100 different ligatures and 30 different bells just to get you through one concert (not to mention a million reeds and all other manner of other gimmicks and shit), then they're not for you and you need to get a life.


Post Edited (2022-06-11 17:09)

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 Re: Tiny Bb Case
Author: SecondTry 
Date:   2022-06-11 18:07

Hi Chris P:

I don't doubt that there's stuff in my case I could live without just as sure as my gear load isn't unreasonable. I admit to having a back up mouthpiece and ligature, and a humidified reed case, but I'm definitely not hauling a "music store."

I don't need to tell you how needed gear, from a music stand, to wind clips for outdoor play, to music (I'm trying to transition to an electronic reader) to stand lights (which aren't needed when using the backlit screen of said electronic reader) can add up beyond even a reasonably sized clarinet case, even with a case cover capable of hauling some of this gear.


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 Re: Tiny Bb Case
Author: Hank Lehrer 
Date:   2022-06-11 19:42
Attachment:  m_5b9fde8d2830951f2d6d26cd.jpg (101k)

Hi All,

I love my Protec micro-case and was quite surprised as to how much it holds. But I pair it with a large Landsend briefcase which holds all my other "stuff."

There is even a side pocket on the outside that easily holds a music folder.


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 Re: Tiny Bb Case
Author: Philip Caron 
Date:   2022-06-12 00:14

Like others, I use the admirably compact Protec case for my Bb. Be aware there is one small inconvenience with it. When open, the case will not remain flat on its bottom unless some of the clarinet is actually in it. If it's empty, it will roll back onto its hinge area with both bottom and top covers off the supporting surface. It might even do that if just the mouthpiece and barrel are in it, depending on how heavy the stuff contained in the pocket on the top cover is.

You'll notice this particularly when the case is in your lap and you're getting the instrument out or just starting to put it away. It's not hard to deal with, but I keep thinking (without noticeable justification) that someday I'm going to add a weight somewhere in the bottom of the case to stabilze it in the open & empty condition.

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 Re: Tiny Bb Case
Author: Liquorice 
Date:   2022-06-12 03:50

Post Edited (2022-06-12 11:48)

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 Re: Tiny Bb Case
Author: m1964 
Date:   2022-06-12 06:55

Liquorice wrote:

I deleted my reply as well

Post Edited (2022-06-12 21:55)

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