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 chedeville clarinet?
Author: joe englert 
Date:   2021-09-01 00:31

never heard of a Chedeville clarinet, but there is one for sale on cr sfbay area..are these good quality or just some one cashing in on the Chedeville name?


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 Re: chedeville clarinet?
Author: jdbassplayer 
Date:   2021-09-01 00:55

Neither, the famous mouthpiece maker is Charles Chedeville and this clarinet is made by Edmond Chedeville. Nothing wrong with two people having the same last name, just look at all the Wurlitzer clarinets out there...

According to one source Charles "came from a long line of instrument makers and musicians in France" so maybe they are related, but I can't find any evidence to confirm this.

There's some references to Edmond Chedeville online, but nothing worth noting. Given this I would say this clarinet fits in the category of "generic French stencil clarinet".


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 Re: chedeville clarinet?
Author: Chris P 
Date:   2021-09-01 01:32

Any images of the clarinet to ponder over?

I just searched "Chedeville clarinet" and only saw a load of mouthpieces and barrels, but no clarinet.

I'm assuming it's yet another Chinese made clarinet with nothing concrete to go on.


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 Re: chedeville clarinet?
Author: jdbassplayer 
Date:   2021-09-01 04:17

Hopefully I am allowed to post a photo, definitely not Chinese, looks to be from the early 20th century, maybe 1920s.


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 Re: chedeville clarinet?
Author: SecondTry 
Date:   2021-09-01 04:49

jdbassplayer wrote:

> Not sure why it posted 3 times, here are the photos.
> -Jdbassplayer

Can you share the purpose of, and method of actualization of the tone hole on the front closest to where a barrel would go?

To rephase, is that tone hold actuated by the left thumb as might be the case for a register key?


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 Re: chedeville clarinet?
Author: jdbassplayer 
Date:   2021-09-01 04:52

That is the register key, it's called a wrap-around register key. The idea is to keep water from entering the register vent.


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 Re: chedeville clarinet?
Author: Chris P 
Date:   2021-09-01 19:56

That's a completely different animal to what I was assuming was a brand new Chinese clarinet with the name 'Chedeville' laser etched onto it.

As well as the wrap-around speaker key, it has the ring for LH3 which is a crude form of a forked Eb/Bb mechanism where you can play Eb or Bb with LH fingers 1 and 3 only (xox|ooo), but it will be flat as there's no vent connected to the LH2 ring key to compensate for the closure of LH3 when using the forked fingering.

One thing you need to be wary of is the extra socket ring fitted to the top joint which most likely means the top joint has cracked and was crudely repaired using a socket ring. That can always be redone using carbon fibre which will make it far less conspicuous, or if it's holding well and you don't mind that DIY appearance, then you can always live with it as it is.

I'm guessing it was made by either Couesnon or Dolnet - both well respected makes in their time.


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 Re: chedeville clarinet?
Author: ruben 
Date:   2021-09-01 22:25

I found an Edmond Chedeville-clarinet builder, Paris beginning of the 20th century. I imagine he was related to the famous mouthpiece makers, who emigrated to the US Chedeville isn't that common a name in France. Maybe it's the finest clarinet ever made!

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 Re: chedeville clarinet?
Author: donald 
Date:   2021-09-02 00:48

Chris is correct that the forked Bb won't be great, BUT that ring enables another useful fingering combination....
Ab fingered... TR XXX g#
Bb fingered... TR X0X g#
C fingered... TR X0X g# plus the two right hand tril keys for chromatic f#
So you have an effective Ab to Bb trill
Bb to C trill
And a really stable/covered fingering for high C that is secure for soft entries...
Mazzeo had a link from the g# key to the ring key to enable these fingerings but that had tge disadvantage of losing some multiphonic and altissimo options, plus you can't use the c#/g# key to sharpen e/f in the low reg.
The 3rd ring key eliminates those disadvantages
So, in the upper register Ab-Bb-C can now easily be played fluently. In the lower register you now have an easy C# to D#, but the fingering that work nicely for high C might not work well for F depending on your clarinet.

Post Edited (2021-09-02 03:17)

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 Re: chedeville clarinet?
Author: tyleman 
Date:   2021-09-04 22:34

My copy of the "Le Livre d'Or de la Clarinette Francaise" has Edmond Chedeville, Paris c1930-1960 as an exporter to the US of Albert and Boehm system clarinets, and "B&J, sole importer New York"

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 Re: chedeville clarinet?
Author: tyleman 
Date:   2021-09-07 23:03

Post Edited (2021-09-11 23:31)

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