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 Recommendations for cases
Author: clarnibass 
Date:   2021-08-31 17:18


I'm looking for recommendations for two cases with specific specs, not sure if there are any matching them exactly.

Absolutely necessary: single Bb clarinet, "vegan" (no leather), must have shoulder straps (to carry like a backpack), some room for accessories (swab, a couple of reed boxes, etc.), fits an Eaton clarinet (the sections are slightly different lengths and the bell is different from e.g. Buffet).
Less important but very preferable: no "floating" sections (like the Bonna cases), no attached joints in the case (e.g. lower setion and bell), no small hard contact area against your back (like on a round Wiseman case).

Both cases need to have all the above.
One as small as possible, preferably would fit inside a regular backpack, basically the same as the no longer made Fel case, but with backpack shoulder straps.
The second basically the same except larger, to also fit unfolded A4 size papers.

Any suggestions?

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 Re: Recommendations for cases
Author: John Peacock 
Date:   2021-08-31 20:37
Attachment:  double.jpg (1443k)

Regarding the second question, here is a picture of my double case, which I regard as close to ideal. It is very compact, by virtue of having the joints rotated by 90 degrees compared to many other commonly used cases. It's the only double case I know where all joints are separate, but that still has a small enough width that it will fit in a cycle pannier. This is how I much prefer to transport my instruments - but it has backpack straps if you prefer to wear it. The case is still big enough to allow a zip pocket on top for music, and will hold even oversize parts. Despite this compact size, it has a substantial compartment between the joints for accessories - much bigger than most alternative cases.

What is this wonderful product? I don't know, as I got it second hand and it has no label. Occasionally I see similar cases on eBay under various names - Ammoon is a common one. But they don't always seem to be for sale, which is odd as there are huge numbers of sellers offering single cases of rather similar construction. The last time I saw the double version, I bought one so that I have a spare, since I like it so much. I suspect that, like the common single cases, these doubles are made rather cheaply and no doubt could be improved (although mine seems robust enough). But the basic design philosophy is so good that I'm surprised no upmarket manufacturer offers something similar.

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 Re: Recommendations for cases
Author: Chris P 
Date:   2021-08-31 22:00

A Yamaha single case will accommodate a Peter Eaton clarinet and two barrels no problem, They're small enough to fit into a padded bag with a shoulder strap which you can also keep A4 sized sheet music in - Protec made a shoulder bag that could hold all that and I assume others do too. Even the older moulded plastic YCL-26II/34II cases are pretty compact but only have an allocated section for one barrel.

Former oboe finisher
Howarth of London
1998 - 2010

The opinions I express are my own.

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 Re: Recommendations for cases
Author: Max S-D 
Date:   2021-09-04 00:56

I can't speak to its compatibility with Peter Eaton clarinets, but picked up a Protec Micro Zip case a couple of years ago that I use when I just need to bring one clarinet. It's very light and compact.

I like to travel very light with one normal sized backpack as my carry-on and I was able to fit my clarinet, swab, and a peg inside the case and stick the whole thing in my backpack without trouble and with room leftover for clothes. A box of reeds went into the bag outside the case, but I think I can cram in a small box like the one Brad Behn uses for his Aria reeds or the Peter Leuthner boxes. Otherwise, loose reeds in individual sleeves go in there without too much trouble. For times when I don't need sheet music, I can bring enough for one gig/jam/rehearsal in the case with no bag.

The smooth exterior shape means that it is relatively easy to slide in and out of a pretty full backpack if airport security needs to see it or anything.

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 Re: Recommendations for cases
Author: clarnibass 
Date:   2021-09-04 14:57


The cases must have shoulder straps, to carry like a backpack.

The Fel is already very small but with a lot of space for accessories, and easily fits in a regular backpack with room for other things. No need for anything similar.

It seems that there aren't any tiny cases with backpack straps...?

I'll look for the various Chinese cases, I guess they could vary in quality, though from seeing many of these, I'm not impressed and that's an understatement...

BAM confirmed that the Trekking case matches these specs. Protec might have some too and apparently the shoulder straps are sold separately.

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 Re: Recommendations for cases
Author: Hurstfarm 
Date:   2021-09-04 21:32

I can confirm that my BAM trekking case comfortably takes Peter Eaton Elites.

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 Re: Recommendations for cases
Author: SunnyDaze 
Date:   2021-09-04 22:51
Attachment:  1.JPG (32k)
Attachment:  2.JPG (46k)
Attachment:  3.JPG (39k)
Attachment:  4.JPG (36k)
Attachment:  5.JPG (39k)

Hi clarnibass,

My clarinet case is just a hard case without straps, but it comes with a zip-on cover that does have a strap.

Might it be possible for you to get a neat hard case like the Protec Micro Zip case and have a cover with straps made to fit it?

I do a lot of sewing and it's not that hard to custom-make a case like that, and put nylon webbing in for shoulder straps.

The plastic clips are easy to buy online. Like these: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/252420904805

If you went to your nearest dressmaker's shop they would probably do it for you.

I have attached some photos of my case. It's the one that comes with a Yamaha Custom CX.

Hope that helps.


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 Re: Recommendations for cases
Author: SunnyDaze 
Date:   2021-09-04 22:56
Attachment:  6.JPG (32k)

And one more photo

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 Re: Recommendations for cases
Author: farabout 
Date:   2021-09-05 02:05

I 2nd Max's recommendation for the Protec Micro Zip.

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