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 Plumbing grease for cork lubrication?
Author: m1964 
Date:   2021-03-01 01:20

I know it is a stupid post, but I just had to ask...

I have been using La Tromba synthetic cork grease, but recently got a small container of UlitMax synthetic cork lubricant (added it to my purchase to get free shipping).

When I opened the container, I got a feeling that I already had the same or similar stuff in home. I pulled out a container of Oatey plumbing synthetic grease and found it to be very similar in how it felt except for being less thick.

Oatey claims it is "90% pure silicone". This is the Oatey grease:

Did anyone tried to use non-specific silicone grease, similar to Oatey, on tenon corks?
By "non-specific", I mean not advertised for use as cork greases.

I am just curious, because between one container of La Tromba, and another one of the UltiMax grease, I am not going to need any more cork grease any time soon.


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 Re: Plumbing grease for cork lubrication?
Author: Steven Ocone 2017
Date:   2021-03-01 04:21

I noticed that the Tromba products I looked at online have silicone in them, even the bore oil. I don't know if silicone is a good thing to be adding to bore oil and I haven't tried it on corks. I do keep the thick plumber's silicone grease on my bench to reduce noise in some mechanisms.

Steven Ocone
Ann & Steve's Music

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 Re: Plumbing grease for cork lubrication?
Author: SecondTry 
Date:   2021-03-01 06:03

Riddle: how can you sell a product for 15 times as much as its fair market value.....?

put a treble clef on the outside of the package and sell it at a music store. offense Steve :)

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 Re: Plumbing grease for cork lubrication?
Author: clarnibass 
Date:   2021-03-01 08:46

Can't say anything about non-specific silicone grease, but re the Ultimax products, I noticed there is very little information about them (I've tried most or maybe all of their oils and greases). Even the larger bottles don't have any real information. It seems to be a branded name, oils and greases made for them by... someone. I don't know who.

I am not sure who is behind the name but it might be Music Medic since Ultimax sold on Amazon lists Music Medic too. Maybe you can ask them about it, what's it made of, etc.

I don't know how much it is the same or difference from other products, but I don't particularly like their greases (for both corks and pivots) because they are very sticky.

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 Re: Plumbing grease for cork lubrication?
Author: Chris P 
Date:   2021-03-01 23:27

Howarth used to fill the plastic grease pots supplied with student level instruments with silicone grease, so it is a viable alternative to cork grease. I've used La Tromba since the '80s and haven't had any problem with it in all that time.

The cork grease that does cause problems with tenon corks coming adrift is the cheap lipstick-style ones as that soaks through the cork and destroys the adhesive.


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 Re: Plumbing grease for cork lubrication?
Author: Sarton 
Date:   2021-03-02 20:31

And what about simple Vaseline?
I have been using it for years and years on recorders and clarinets

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 Re: Plumbing grease for cork lubrication?
Author: Chris P 
Date:   2021-03-02 21:07

Vaseline is too thin and being petroleum jelly, it can destroy contact adhesives. You want a grease that resembles axle grease as that has more staying power compared to thin greases.

And with high quality cork greases being thick, you don't have to trowel it on all in a thick layer all in one go so it ends up oozing out the joint and contaminating nearby key corks as is often the case - just use a small amount and apply it thinly, evenly and regularly on tenon corks (and sax crook corks).


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 Re: Plumbing grease for cork lubrication?
Author: kilo 
Date:   2021-03-02 22:17

My preferred cork grease is the one from "Doctor's Products" made with slippery elm. If I apply it to new cork I continue to use it until the cork needs replacement. But, yes, certain plumber's grease brands will work nicely. Look for the synthetic lubricants — "Slik-Seal" by Weld-On, for example.


Doctor Slick

The choice for a product that will preserve your cork the longest - used a little less than any usual cork grease but preserves and protects better than any other.

Cork is wood and therefore should be treated with products that protect wood.
Doctor Slick™ is made with expensive plant derived oils and waxes which will keep cork supple and compressible with the needed moisture that prevents cracking and flaking. An exclusive extract of Slippery Elm Bark makes Doctor Slick™ lubricate well and it is not sticky or greasy like petroleum cork grease.

Other petroleum based “chap stick“ cork greases will destroy your cork, turn it black, and will loosen the glue holding the cork on the tenon.

Doctor Slick™ comes in many sizes and in tubes and tubs. It will preserve your cork for many years to come.

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 Re: Plumbing grease for cork lubrication?
Author: m1964 
Date:   2021-03-03 06:47

SecondTry wrote:

"Riddle: how can you sell a product for 15 times as much as its fair market value.....?

put a treble clef on the outside of the package and sell it at a music store."

Or put caduceus on it and sell it as medical supply. :)

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