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 Selmer vs Vito (student level)
Author: lkll 
Date:   2020-03-30 02:56

I am looking at the following models:
Selmer: Aristocrat (CL601), CL301, Prelude
Vito 7212, 7214

I played during highschool and am looking to take it up again as a personal hobby a few decades later.

Any feedback you can give regarding issues, tone, quality of manufacture, durability, keys/pads, personal experiences etc. to compare any of these is much appreciated since going in to a store and playing them is out of the question during quarantine days! TIA

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 Re: Selmer vs Vito (student level)
Author: Tony F 
Date:   2020-03-30 04:49

Any of those will serve you well, provided that it is in good condition. My personal choice would be either of the Vito's, they're built like tanks and perform well. Some people find them a bit on the bright side, but mouthpiece and reed selection will take care of that if you find it an issue. The Selmers would also serve you well. Sometimes their tuning is not great, but that is only an issue if you are playing in an ensemble.

Tony F.

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 Re: Selmer vs Vito (student level)
Author: Dan Shusta 
Date:   2020-03-30 04:57

I personally own a Vito 7242 Classic clarinet. It is a small bore instrument (0.575" bore) which according to Brad Behn, who is very well known on this BB, the smaller bore would give me a more "refined tone" with an increase in resistance equal to the Buffet B12.

I was in for a few delightful surprises. One, the throat tones on my 7242 were consistently clear right up to throat Bb without the need of using alternate fingerings for tone uniformity. Second, the tonal pitch variations were so small from E3 to C6 as to almost look like a straight line. That really surprised me.

The metallic coating on my 7242 appears to be very thick.

Much has been written on this BB about the durability of Vito clarinets.

If you click on the Search word just above your post and put in all of the instruments you mentioned (one at a time), you should get back plenty of information to help you make your decision.

From what I remember from previous BB postings, the Vito 7214 has a larger bore, which I believe is 0.583", and this larger bore will give you a slightly larger or broader tone, slightly decreased resistance (more free blowing), and possible problematic throat tones, i.e., less tone quality uniformity as well as possible greater variations of pitch which usually require the need for alternate fingering.

Good luck in your search!

Post Edited (2020-04-06 06:41)

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 Re: Selmer vs Vito (student level)
Author: shmuelyosef 
Date:   2020-04-02 02:48

I have a 7212, a 7214 and a V40. They have all had professional overhauls and setups. They all play well enough to use in a professional setting.

A few nice points. All Vito’s have pinless LH pinky keys which work well and are quiet nd tight.

The 7212 has the original Vito keywork which is similar to Buffet/seller layouts

The 7214 and v40 have the jump trill keys which I find feel more positive.

When I play out in a setting where I worry about my more valuable wood instruments I generally take the 7214. I find it projects a little better than the V40 with only a small compromise in intonation (the v40s were all hand tuned with to whole undercuts)

Most of the “bad vibes” around the Vito’s are due to the poor setups and heavy use these instruments have seen. The keywork is second to none, the instruments re lightweight, they don’t crack....all they need is a proper overhaul nd setup

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