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 fingering issue
Author: jim sclater 
Date:   2020-03-27 22:23

When I play 3rd line B natural (RH) to 3rd space C#(LH) there is a slight delay in the sounding of the C#. This does not happen when I play the B with the LH and the C# with the RH. Anyone had this experience before? Any suggestions as to what might be happening? This does not happen on my other clarinets.
I'm trying to determine if it is a technique issue or a mechanical issue. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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 Re: fingering issue
Author: Ken Lagace 
Date:   2020-03-27 23:45

You have studied the mechanism as you finger each way? Is the C# pad loose that it delays on opening? Or something sticking, the cork on the C key extension? Is your left hand 3rd finger moving off the C/G hole as your wrist moves for the C#? You are the best person to find out what is wrong.

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 Re: fingering issue
Author: Paul Aviles 
Date:   2020-03-27 23:48

You should be able to play that "sequence" leaving the "B" key down either way you go (with the "C#" being just slightly flat of course). Perhaps you're more accustomed to allowing this fudginess with the LH pinky remaining down..........same keys are moving.

..........Paul Aviles

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 Re: fingering issue
Author: Philip Caron 
Date:   2020-03-27 23:48

I'd guess it's at least partly mechanical. Hold the lower joint where you can see it and slowly operate the keys. You can see what's supposed to happen and probably tell if it's actually is happening or not.

There might be excessive play in one of the keys, where starting to press or release it doesn't operate the rest of the mechanism right away. There might be something out of adjustment or worn in the crows foot under the rh keys. There might be binding due to a bent key.

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 Re: fingering issue
Author: kdk 2017
Date:   2020-03-28 00:03

There's a linkage at the bottom of the LH F#/C# lever. There are different arrangements on different clarinets, but if yours involves a silencer (cork, leather, etc.) or a pin going into a hole on the key that crosses over, an adjustment may be needed. See if there's play that allows the lever to move a little before it engages the connecting arm.

All three LH levers involve longer keys and more mechanism, hence less efficiency, than the RH ones, which are connected directly to the pad cups they move. It's possible, if it's out of adjustment, that the LH mechanism doesn't hold the F/C pad as tightly closed as the RH keys do.The sound might then balk until you add a little more pressure on the C# key.


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 Re: fingering issue
Author: Tom H 
Date:   2020-03-28 21:30

I've had this situation here & there with various clarinets over the years. Figure it has to be mechanical. Unless it's my Buffet that I use when performing I ignore it. Minor problem not worth a repair expense IMO.

The Most Advanced Clarinet Book--Austin Macauley Publishers (PDF samples here)

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 Re: fingering issue
Author: Philip Caron 
Date:   2020-03-29 01:03

It could also be a fingering problem. Pinky coordination is a thing, and it's amplified a bit by different clarinets having those keys, especially the left hand ones, placed differently. The OP mentioned that he plays other clarinets, so it might have something to do with unfamiliarity with the keys on the problem instrument. Check it with a mirror, or by slow mindful trial.

Incidentally, I've gotten to never leaving the "B" hole closed while playing the "C#", because as Paul says, otherwise the C# is flat. I don't know if the OP (or anyone else) does that. Pinky exercises on each side and both sides is part of daily warmup for me, and my two R13's, Bb and A, do have noticeably different key placements on the lh side.

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 Re: fingering issue
Author: Paul Aviles 
Date:   2020-03-29 02:25

Certainly not "God awful flat," so it you CAN leave "B" down for trills and fast passages.

I got to thinking though that the problem clarinet (the Original Poster's) may have a lap joint connection as opposed a mortis and tenon. In this case, perhaps the "paddle" for the LH "C#" is not moving freely (axle has become logey, or there is a concavity in the silencing cork between paddle and key).

...............Paul Aviles

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 Re: fingering issue
Author: Tom H 
Date:   2020-03-29 07:10

In the event that Philip is correct and it is a pinky fingering problem a good exercise is to practice trills (slow & fast) using all the pinky possibilities. Also, practice them holding one pinky down (when that works), but also lifting both pinkies and being smooth (no low Gs or clarion Ds in between).

The Most Advanced Clarinet Book--Austin Macauley Publishers (PDF samples here)

Post Edited (2020-03-29 07:11)

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