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 A. Robert Clarinet
Author: CanadaClari 
Date:   2019-12-01 09:59

Hello Everyone,

I have an A. Robert clarinet, it's one of the lowest serial number ones I have seen and I believe it's in great shape for it's age. I believe the mouthpiece is just a cheap one it has no maker just France and N4. I was just looking for advice on what key it is and what I should do with it not being a player. Have it fixed up? Sell it as is?

Appreciate any advice I play other instruments and I hate seeing an instrument sitting in it's case if someone can get enjoyment out of it

Here's some pics


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 Re: A. Robert Clarinet
Author: ruben 
Date:   2019-12-01 13:33

Hi CanadaClari! Some of the Robert were really fine clarinets. This is the kind of think a collector would be interested in.


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 Re: A. Robert Clarinet
Author: CanadaClari 
Date:   2019-12-01 21:00

Thank you Ruben, I will have to see if any are around me or what I can find online

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 Re: A. Robert Clarinet
Author: Vytas 
Date:   2019-12-01 21:54

CanadaClari wrote:
I believe the mouthpiece is just a cheap one it has no maker just France and N4.

It was made by Riffault

Vytas Krass
Custom clarinet mouthpiece maker
Professional clarinet technician
Former professional clarinet player

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 Re: A. Robert Clarinet
Author: CanadaClari 
Date:   2019-12-02 00:23

Oh wow thanks Vytas, I see that now with some searching. Thank you so much

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 Re: A. Robert Clarinet
Author: Tony F 
Date:   2019-12-02 05:08
Attachment:  A. Robert 002.jpg (418k)
Attachment:  A. Robert 010.jpg (418k)

I owned and restored a A. Robert clarinet some years ago. I bought it from the estate of a doctor in Western Australia. He was in France as a medical Officer with the Australian Army during WW1 and brought it back with him. He later served in WW2 in the same capacity and brought another one back with him. Mine was the first one. After repadding and some restoration it was a very fine instrument and played and tuned extremely well.

Tony F.

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 Re: A. Robert Clarinet
Author: edgar 
Date:   2019-12-04 20:33
Attachment:  klarinetten_eh.jpg (355k)

I own 5 Alexandre Robert clarinets (2 in A, 3 in Bb) and am very satisfied with them. On the attached picture you will see three of them. The clarinet in the middle is my preferred one (with articulated G#) - although I own also a much newer Selmer 10S Marchi and a Buffet Crampon R13. I play them with non-Robert mouthpieces and occasionally also with newer barrels.

I own also an A.Robert oboe probably from around 1920-1920. It still plays very well.

BTW: the composer Hindemith mentions in a letter that they imported an A.Robert Eb clarinet for the first performance of his quintet. The player was not satisfied with the Biffet Crampon clarinet he had and preferred the A.Robert model.

Edgar Huckert

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 Re: A. Robert Clarinet
Author: kchan 2017
Date:   2019-12-04 22:38

Hi Edgar.
So what does that extended key on the barrel do?


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 Re: A. Robert Clarinet
Author: edgar 
Date:   2019-12-04 23:29

Clarinet #4 and #5 (from left to right) on this photo aren't A.Robert models.

Clarinet #4 is a "Selmer Marchi" based on Selmer 10S Full Boehm.This mechanism acts like a second register key allowing to play in a new register one 6th higher, i.e. when you finger d2 and press the second register key on the rear then this produces b2. Joseph Marchi from Nizza/France, who invented this system thought that the higher notes could thus be produced more seamlessly.

This "Marchi" clarinet was not long on the market. I bought it (new) around 1977. You may find additional photos of this (complicated) system on


Look at the photo of the rear side. I guess that less than 10 clarinets of that type still exist in a playable mode.

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