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 bass clarinet case recommendation
Author: Laura Bergen 
Date:   2019-11-26 06:57

I am looking for a recommendation for a new case for my buffet bass clarinet with low c. The original case is looking a little battle worn and I want to make sure the instrument is well cared for. Would prefer water proof and possibly one with wheels. Any thoughts?

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 Re: bass clarinet case recommendation
Author: Max S-D 
Date:   2019-11-26 20:22

I recently got a custom case from Mike Manning for my older Selmer 33. The horn didn't fit well into any of the stock options and I was also looking for something very compact. Mike was able to build me a case that had room for the bass clarinet and my Woodwind Designs full size carbon fiber telescoping stand.

I'm very happy with this case. The one that came with the instrument was spectacularly bad (the bridge keys just rested on a hard piece of wood) and I tried to replace it with a Wiseman. That one didn't immobilize the instrument as much as I would have liked. I ended up needing to stuff a bunch of the little foam blocks that come with Vandoren mouthpieces and ligatures in there under the straps and around the joints to keep things still and separated. YMMV if you have a newer instrument, since their inserts are designed around those.

I feel pretty confident that this case will last a long time and protect the instrument no matter how badly I screw up. Every piece of hardware is tough to the point of being overbuilt, the case itself is strong and sturdy and it has backpack straps and really nice wheels! I usually take public transit around the SF bay area to get to gigs and rehearsals and the compact dimensions and wheels make that easy.

It's not cheap, but neither is bass clarinet repair.

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 Re: bass clarinet case recommendation
Author: DougR 
Date:   2019-11-27 01:37

I've heard good things about Mike's cases. The design possibilities are limited almost literally to your own imagination (and the laws of physics; I don't believe he makes cases that fly, yet). I'm not sure if in-person fitting is required; perhaps if you're in the Bay Area that's not a problem.

The two professional bass players I know of, Michael Lowenstern and Ed Palanker, both use Wiseman cases. (I think Ed said that his was built to hold bass, Bb and A clarinets). Whether they needed any additional fitting work I don't know.

I bought a BAM case for my low-Eb Selmer and my model 67 came with presumably a BAM case made for Selmer. I imagine they'd hold the instruments well under routine handling, but both Wiseman and Manning cases are built to (as they say) take a licking.

My low-Eb BAM case isn't waterproof, but it has a built-in "shower cap" in a pouch at one end that you can pull out and cover the case with. The Model 67 case doesn't appear to be waterproof at all, and there's no shower cap. (I carry plastic bags and large rubber bands, which I haven't had to use yet, just in case...picture a $14,000 instrument covered with a Costco plastic shopping bag, I mean really.)

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 Re: bass clarinet case recommendation
Author: Kalashnikirby 
Date:   2019-11-27 11:44

The BAM trekking case can benhad for just 300€ in Europe at least.
For that money, it does an excellent and I already got to test the rain cover - nice!

My Leblanc 430S fits tightly, though the case might’ve not been designed for that particular instrument. There’s enough space to carry a double clarinet case, too, but you’d probably want a smaller one than what I have.
Aso, the backpack straps are brilliant - but trust me, you don’t want to carry your bass for more than 1 hour on your back, or do something crazy like a 15km bike ride to your rehearsal... tried that, it worked, but won’t do that on a weekly basis!

Michael Lowenstern reviewed several cases on his YT channel. Though I‘d view the BAM ones a bit more favourably, that might help you a bit with finding the right one!

Best regards

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 Re: bass clarinet case recommendation
Author: clarnibass 
Date:   2019-11-28 14:02

Soem more info about the Wiseman that was mentioned. I have one for a Buffet low C bass and I like it much more than the original. At least with this clarinet, there is no "immobilization" problem unlike described above with a different model. Mine is similar to the current model so it could be different with an older Buffet.

It's great to not have to take another case just for a soprano clarinet. It's a little smaller than the regular case but "feels" a lot smaller. Just looking at it, it doesn't seem to be waterproof, but I walked in regular rain with it for a while and water didn't get inside. I'd say it's water resistant. It's pretty protective, I can sit on it and it's fine.

It doesn't have wheels though. Other things some people don't like about it are the noise from the velcro and the round shape. They have a carbon fiber model for about half the weight and double the cost.

I'm wondering if they have imitation leather or some other material. The regular Wiseman is made of leather and I wouldn't buy something like that now.

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 Re: bass clarinet case recommendation
Author: Ed Palanker 
Date:   2019-11-28 17:50

The Wiseman case is fantastic. I bought mine a long time ago and loved it. Easy to carry on my shoulder and very secure when we toured.Mine was designed to carry the bass and one clarinet but I used the space to carry a custom bass clarinet stand instead. I recently gave it to one of my students that now plays in the Toranto Symphony so it doesn't collect dust now that I'm retired.

ESP eddiesclarinet.com

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 Re: bass clarinet case recommendation
Author: tdufka 
Date:   2019-11-30 01:33

Hi Max, Could you tell me the length of the longest piece of the Woodwind Designs stand you use? Is this their "large" size?

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 Re: bass clarinet case recommendation
Author: Hank Lehrer 
Date:   2019-11-30 03:33


I have the large Woodwind Design bass stand. The longest piece, which has three other tubes nested inside, is 21 inches in length. My stand was purchased from Michael Drapkin. You can find details at https://www.bassclarinet.net/


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 Re: bass clarinet case recommendation
Author: tdufka 
Date:   2019-11-30 23:32

Thanks Hank!

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 Re: bass clarinet case recommendation
Author: sdr 
Date:   2019-12-01 03:22

Suggest you watch Michael Morganstern’s bass clarinet case comparison video on YouTube:



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