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 Re: glue for cork
Author: Chris P 
Date:   2019-11-09 21:55
Attachment:  P7220001 (3).JPG (683k)
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Tech cork is no good for tenons. It has been used by some makers (Amati used it in the '80s) and while initial results may be good, over a relatively short time it does compress and not recover so the joints will become loose. Being a rubberised cork, it doesn't stand up too well to being greased as grease and oils can perish rubber.

I generally use it instead of natural cork for key corks on clarinets due to its durability, but only in specific places - it's best used on the top joint side and trill keys, under adjusting screws and on linkages, but on open standing keys I prefer felt or ultrasuede on key feet as tech cork is too noisy for that as is natural cork. The only place I use natural cork on clarinets are the tenon corks, cork pads and the throat A key stopper as that's easier to shape being a thick piece of cork.

I use contact adhesive for tenon corks, key corks and felts, shellac for cork and leather pads and hot glue for synthetic pads. I never reglue a loose tenon cork as chances are it'll come off again. Best emergency repair is to wrap the loose tenon cork with PTFE tape or thread to temporarily keep it in place, then have it replaced at the earliest opportunity.

I had a recently bought brand new Buffet RC come in and the tenon corks had all failed on that. One was 'repaired' under warranty by the company that sold it, but they poured a load of superglue onto it and it ran down the front of the top joint - and they're meant to be woodwind specialists! When it came in for a service after the warranty period expired, I replaced that tenon cork and had to clean up all the superglue that ran down and got smeared on the front of the top joint. See attachments - last photo was after cleaning all the superglue off and before replacing the tenon cork. Do not use superglue as a fix as it can go very wrong very quickly and chances are it won't work anyway. Superglue has its place in woodwind repair, but this isn't one.


Post Edited (2019-11-09 22:01)

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