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 Re: glue for cork
Author: clarnibass 
Date:   2019-11-08 11:34

>> does anyone have any experience using TechCork (which I see at MusicMedic) for tenons? It's apparently a composite of cork and rubber. How does it perform and how durable it is compared to natural cork? <<

It's far worse. Like Steve wrote, it's not as compressible so it lacks what's needed to seal, grip firmly, but also have a nice feel. I occasionally see it, probably done by someone who didn't have real cork.
BTW it's also known as gumim cork and rubber cork (or rubco for short), depending where you buy it from.

>> What about the compressed cork sheets they sell at Ferree's Tools? <<

If you mean Ferree's version of agglomerated cork (that is not rubber cork / techcork / gummi cork) then it's the worst. I wouldn't even use it for linkages, which is techcork's best use.

As others said contact glue is best for tenon corks, but...

>> The cork and wood maybe saturated with cork grease and the glue may not adhere. <<

>> It should go without saying that you need to clean the tenon wood thoroughly before you cement a cork to it. <<

Yes, preferably with something that doesn't leave residue or an extremely thin invisible film that makes gluing worse.
However it can be tricky with the original cork. If it got unglued because something penetrated inside it could be a little difficult to completely remove.

Also a question is whether it separated at the seam or some random place, or not at all? The overlap seam in particular can be problematic to re-glue with contact glue, even after cleaning as thoroughly as possible it might not work great. You can sand it slightly to get a fresh surface which could help sometimes.

If it's not separated, you'd have to cut it to remove it first and then you get a butt joint. If it's separated at a random place then it is also a butt joint. Either way that's not great.

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