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 Buffet Mouthpiece?
Author: cooperlcm 
Date:   2019-07-22 10:09

Can anyone tell me what style of beak the Buffet Crampon Urban Play mouthpiece has?


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 Re: Buffet Mouthpiece?
Author: Paul Aviles 
Date:   2019-07-22 14:35

I actually saw these in person at the Buffet showroom in New York this Spring when I bought my R13. I almost squealed when I saw all the fun colors and my wife said, "You don't need ANOTHER mouthpiece!"

They look pretty typical for a clarinet mouthpiece to me, so whatever you'd call that. I never seriously considered trying one but the colors are fun.

...............Paul Aviles

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 Re: Buffet Mouthpiece?
Author: cooperlcm 
Date:   2019-07-23 06:40

I acually have one but i was wondering what style beak it has. Either traditional or a profile 88 style beak


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 Re: Buffet Mouthpiece?
Author: Paul Aviles 
Date:   2019-07-23 13:28

The Profile 88 designation is a creation of Vandoren. The intent is to differentiate their original external dimensions from an alternative, thinner version meant to allow a slightly less open mouth with the same facing. I should note that Charles Bay would always contend that the idea was coopted from his mouthpiece design.

That said, the external dimensions of manufacturers varies with some thinner than others (I always felt the standard Vandoren was a bit on the thicker side to begin with). Suffice to say that there are mouthpieces out there that are fairly thin, but imposing any sort of Vandoren designation on them would not be relevant.

I don't want to say that you'd be better off spending the $28 US dollars on a box of reeds since I never tried the Urban Play, but the chances that it is worth the cost is pretty slim.

The Fobes Debut is an amazing mouthpiece at almost any price and it is only $44 US dollars.

I'd save up for that.

.....................Paul Aviles

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 Re: Buffet Mouthpiece?
Author: cooperlcm 
Date:   2019-07-23 19:02

Yeah i acually recently bought a 5rv from vandoren and it was a whole different facing then the buffet mouthpiece and i was just trying to figure out if it was because they are different cuts or if they are just different because of the manufacturers


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 Re: Buffet Mouthpiece?
Author: Paul Aviles 
Date:   2019-07-23 19:30

And I was a bit abbreviated in my description above. The "facing" of the mouthpiece IS the critical part that determines how a mouthpiece works; what reed strength to use, how it responds, ease of articulation, how much you can "tune-on-the-fly," etc. The facing is boundary created by the two side rails, the tip rail, and the point where the reed and mouthpiece come together. The two most essential dimensions are the distance between the reed and the tip of the mouthpiece (tip opening), and the distance from the tip of the mouthpiece to where the reed meets the mouthpiece material (facing length). That's enough description for a start but you can imagine there's more to the variables than just that.

You identified the "the beak" in your above post which can vary in angle, but there is no real affect on how the whole playing characteristics work other than perhaps personal comfort with a thicker over a thinner (or the other way around).

I assume you are familiar with the wider range of Vandoren mouthpiece facing sizes. If you are more comfortable with their "Profile 88" line (which is mostly what is out there), I would recommend the M13 (not the M13 Lyre) as a really good basic facing. But as I said above, the Fobes Debut will blow you away! And Fobes offers a selection of various hand finished professional grade hard rubber mouthpieces as well.

..............Paul Aviles

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 Re: Buffet Mouthpiece?
Author: EbClarinet 
Date:   2019-07-27 15:52

1 day I will buy and R-13. How do the Buffet mouthpieces play? I'm after that dark tone quality of the classical clarinet. I will even settle for the collegiate dark tone quality of the Bb. I want some advice from those of you that play the R-13 and if the mouthpiece that comes with 1 is suitable to getting that characteristic clarinet tone quality that we're after. I play a Pyne mouthpiece on my Bb now and have been since college. I was able to get that characteristic tone quality on my high school HS Star but the clarinet professor told me it made me play 2 sharp. My current mouthpiece is professional. Any advice?

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 Re: Buffet Mouthpiece?
Author: Paul Aviles 
Date:   2019-07-27 18:32

I believe most of us would agree that the Buffet mouthpieces are not so good.

The best advice I have ever heard (and pass on) is that you should only seek out new equipment to solve some problem you are having with your current equipment.

So if you are having some pitch issues, articulation issues, control issues, you can try a variety of mouthpieces to see how they alter those things.

I have always found that your basic sound is a function of creating enough pressure in your oral cavity. That is a function of actively pushing air with your abdominal muscles (playing should always feel like you're blowing up a moderately resistant baloon).

..............Paul Aviles

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