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Author: eduardough 
Date:   2019-07-16 03:29

Uh so I play on an M30 Lyre Profile 88 and I was wondering if anyone knew about good ligatures for that or just in general? I've been looking into the Rovner Versa, Vandoren Optimum, or a cheap Silverstein lol, comment pls.

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 Re: ligaturessss
Author: Paul Aviles 
Date:   2019-07-16 03:40

Of those, the T frame Silverstein is my favorite. It's like the ultimate "metal" ligature in that it allows the reed a very powerful resonance. The other two you mention are also good.....and flexible in response. The Vandoren allows three different plates to be used that change things a bit, and the Rovner can be used with an extra metal insert and/or the faux leather flaps over the insert or not.

Can't go wrong with any of those.

.................Paul Aviles

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 Re: ligaturessss
Author: Bob Bernardo 
Date:   2019-07-16 04:27

The best thing to do IMO is have a great reed and test several. I feel the mouthpiece vibrates and a ligature can dull the vibrations and brighten the sound and it you use thick teeth pads this also effects the sound. Also articulation of course.

I actually find the lightest weight possible is best for me so I tend to gut out ligatures and for many years I've played on a $5 ligature. I cut out a rubber glove glove 4 little tiny pieces and put them at the corner where the reed sits. Similar to the rail design of a Bonade, but just on the corners of the ligature.

So look for a ligature that feels really great and doesn't choke off the reed or darkens off the sound or weigh a lot. You want that crisp sound and ease to articulate freely. Not every ligature is for everyone. Try several.

Ligatures cost between a few dollars up to $1000. Has a diamond in it. What gives with the diamond? So silly. Maybe if you have gold keys and drive a 1 million dollar Ferrari sure why not! Buy 20.

Designer of - Vintage 1940 Cicero Mouthpieces and the La Vecchia mouthpieces

Yamaha Artist 2015

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 Re: ligaturessss
Author: eduardough 
Date:   2019-07-16 04:48

hmmmm, I'll have to try them out to see which one I play best on, thanks!

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 Re: ligaturessss
Author: SunnyDaze 
Date:   2019-07-16 12:18

I just bought an A frame Silverstein ligature, and I think there's a bit of a knack to getting it on right. I'm still working on it. It does seem clearly better than the others I've tried though.

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 Re: ligaturessss
Author: Late_returner 
Date:   2019-07-16 12:20


I used one of your combinations for many years, M30 lyre 88 with a Van Optimum, and it worked well for me.
Only one small glitch i found was that to swab during a performance i needed to take off the barrel + mp, If i tried to take off just the mp i would often end up with the Optimum in my hand.
No problem really, easily solved.

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 Re: ligaturessss
Author: Paul Aviles 
Date:   2019-07-16 14:46

Dear "Late Returner,"

I think your issue may have been either a particularly narrow mouthpiece and/or a particularly thin profile of reed. I have run into this issue while using Legere reeds on Fobes mouthpieces. The Optimum has a short amount of "tightening" space before it just stops. The solution for narrow mouthpieces is to order the "German" version of this ligature:

I use the Thomann website image because it is correct. Notice the bar across the front opening (the physical difference besides being smaller) that distinguishes this from the Boehm version. It is also listed on Amazon but not with the correct image. I assume they are honestly offering the German version though.

..................Paul Aviles

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 Re: ligaturessss
Author: kdk 2017
Date:   2019-07-16 16:58

Paul Aviles wrote:

> The solution for narrow
> mouthpieces is to order the "German" version of this ligature:

Another solution is to put a mouthpiece pad on the back of the mouthpiece. It adds enough girth to hold the Optimum with most reeds.


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 Re: ligaturessss
Author: fernie121 
Date:   2019-07-16 18:35

Can’t believe I never thought to try a smaller lig like the German ones for when playing with Legere reeds. They are often used on Eb clarinet, which seems like it would be way too small. Have you done this before Paul?

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 Re: ligaturessss
Author: Paul Aviles 
Date:   2019-07-16 20:11

I'm not sure if you're asking about using German ligatures on Eb.....I haven't played Eb in quite awhile. But just eyeballing it, I think German ligatures would be a bit too big for an Eb mouthpiece.

HOWEVER, I have used BG Eb sized ligatures on my Fobes/Legere.....the faux leather ones with inserts. I have even used Eb sized solid leather ligatures. Real leather stretches!

...............Paul Aviles

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 Re: ligaturessss
Author: shmuelyosef 
Date:   2019-07-16 22:59


Late Returner:

"If i tried to take off just the mp I would often end up with the Optimum in my hand."

I have had the same experience, but sometimes even when trying to tweak the tuning.

I have had really good experience with the inverted Bonade ligature. It's mostly all I use. The only hitch is, that with thinner reeds (like the Legere) it runs out of tightening. I add strips of tech cork (0.7-1.0mm thk) under the long rails by the tightening screws, and the ligs work even better and stay put more effectively. The associated caps are very nice as well, and the cost is quite attractive.

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 Re: ligaturessss
Author: Kaos 
Date:   2019-07-17 01:00

When I first tried the Rovner Light I immediatly fell in love with it and I never changed ligature since then. It's rather cheap (good for a young student like me!) has a great sound and resonance because the reeds are free to vibrate. I actually play the B45 88 mouthpiece so I don't know how it works with M30, that's a more closed mouthpiece.

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 Re: ligaturessss
Author: fernie121 
Date:   2019-07-17 04:24

Paul I am ordering the German Rovner dark, BG standard and Vandoren klassic now. All ligatures I like but figured just can’t play with Legere. Thanks for the tip!

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 Re: ligaturessss
Author: Episkey 
Date:   2019-07-17 04:53

The best ligature is the one you probably already have.

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 Re: ligaturessss
Author: Paul Aviles 
Date:   2019-07-17 06:26

I hope I didn't miscommunicate sizes. The BGs to which I referred are the "Revelation" series. I am not familiar with the Standard model.

The Rovners all seem to work fine for me, but personally as "Kaos" states, the Rovner Light is head and shoulders over the Dark which just seems to suck the life out the the sound.

Finally (and this may only be a very personal prejudice) the Vandoren Klassik is an attempt to present a string ligature experience without the hassle of looping over a single length of cord. I don't find that the Klassik offers enough cinch to hold a Legere with enough security.

Anyway, I think Bob Bernardo was getting at the idea that ligatures are a pretty small factor in the greater scheme of things. But if you really want to get into the minutia of ligatures, there are enough differences to keep one experimenting with the contents of one's ligature drawer.

....................Paul Aviles

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 Re: ligaturessss
Author: SunnyDaze 
Date:   2019-07-17 11:20

I tried a Vandoren Klassik in my local shop the other day and it was good, but the BG L4 SR Ligature seemed noticeably better, and the Silverstein A-type was again better for me. I was upgrading from a Rovner.

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