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 Bass Clarinet Peg
Author: RefacerMan 
Date:   2019-07-01 02:16

Does anyone know where I can buy a longer bass clarinet peg to fit a low e-flat Selmer bass clarinet. I need a peg that is at least 18 inches long. The current peg that came with the bass clarinet is only about 16 inches long. And in this case length does matter. Thanks.

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 Re: Bass Clarinet Peg
Author: Ken Lagace 
Date:   2019-07-01 03:10

Hardware store? They have bins of rod steel and aluminum. Just add a rubber foot.

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 Re: Bass Clarinet Peg
Author: jdbassplayer 
Date:   2019-07-01 03:59

You can't get one from a hardware store as the size is non-standard (9/32"). What you need is a 9/32 stainless steel round rod, if you search that on google you will find several places to buy it (eBay is probably the best). You will probably need to order 24" as 18" is a non-standard length. For the rubber tip just look for a bass clarinet rubber floor peg tip or use the one from your current peg.


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 Re: Bass Clarinet Peg
Author: Ed 
Date:   2019-07-01 04:53

Wes Rice will make a carbon fiber one for you


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 Re: Bass Clarinet Peg
Author: BobW 
Date:   2019-07-01 04:54

You need to search for drill rod
measure the diameter of the one you have
then search any industrial supplier such as MSC, McMaster-Carr or Speedy Metals, they have all sizes
Good Luck

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 Re: Bass Clarinet Peg
Author: RefacerMan 
Date:   2019-07-01 06:33

Thank you everyone for your responses. You gave me some really good ideas. Thanks again.

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 Re: Bass Clarinet Peg
Author: clarnibass 
Date:   2019-07-01 08:00

I suggest stainless and not drill rod (which is a tool steel).

If it's a Selmer USA (FKA Bundy, etc.) then it is 9/32". If it's Selmer Paris then it might be that or it could also be 7mm which is very close anyway and probably work fine regardless. Locally there are very few places to buy stuff like that, but I could get 7mm and almost any size. In the USA it's much easier, you could even find this online.

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 Re: Bass Clarinet Peg
Author: Chris P 
Date:   2019-07-01 13:00

7mm steel rod (mild or stainless) should easily be available anywhere in the world from any metal supplier. It will fit pretty much all basses with no problem.


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 Re: Bass Clarinet Peg
Author: Hurstfarm 
Date:   2019-07-01 19:44

I made one with some 7mm stainless steel rod bought online. I just cut it to length and smoothed/rounded it at one end, removed the burrs from the other end and finished it with a cello spike rubber - all very quick, easy and cheap! The only downside is that your friends may want one too, so I’ve recently found myself making 2 more...

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 Re: Bass Clarinet Peg
Author: oian 
Date:   2019-07-11 00:33
Attachment:  DSCN0286.JPG (129k)

If you want something other than steel, Goodwinds.com sells a pultruded carbon fiber rod that is listed as .281" (9/32) The only problem is that it comes in a 48" length and is pricier than a steel rod (20.49 for the rod and 11.72 shipping) I'm using it as a "Stand-up" peg that needs to be a little more than 20". So I get two with some rod to spare. I found the rubber tip in the photo at a local hardware store and the hole in it is just a little loose for the peg, but a little silicone sealant fixed that. Another source for tips are the small rubber balls from the "Dollar" stores drilled with a 9/32 bit. They're just not likely be the official concert black. If you choose to use carbon fiber, you need to use a cut off wheel to cut it, saws just make a fuzzy mess.

Just a thought on sizes. My Ridenour low C came with a 7mm peg (loose fit), I made a longer "Stand-up" peg from 9/32 drill rod which worked just fine (just a little tighter fit). The above carbon rod may be just slightly bigger than 9/32 as it would fit in but was tight. a little work at the peg holder end with 600 grit sandpaper took care of that. I suspect with a difference of only .0056 between 7mm and 9/32" in most cases they can be considered interchangeable unless you have a very precisely fitting 7mm peg holder.


Post Edited (2019-07-11 02:28)

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 Re: Bass Clarinet Peg
Author: Hank Lehrer 
Date:   2019-07-11 04:49

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 Re: Bass Clarinet Peg
Author: Hank Lehrer 
Date:   2019-07-11 04:58
Attachment:  IMG_0299.JPG (93k)
Attachment:  IMG_0300.JPG (95k)

It was a frustrating experience to keep taking my bass bell into hardware and building supply stores to find a fit. No one has mm. rod except by mail and it is really expensive. More importantly, the 7mm size for my Selmer model 67 requires a very exact size. So I took a little different approach to making a longer bass clarinet rod.

I already had a very nice carbon fiber extra bass peg so I just ordered another one of the same size for about $18. I then hooked them together with two small hose clamps and a piece of heavy sheet rubber I had in my workshop.

See the attached photos. You can see that the rubber tip of the upper peg is attached to the upper end of the lower peg with the clamps and rubber; its other end has a rubber end piece. I've used this for several rehearsals and performances with great success. Perhaps a tad more wobble than steel rod would flex but no real problems.


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 Re: Bass Clarinet Peg
Author: Mojo 
Date:   2019-07-11 16:02

For my Paperclip Contra, I made a peg extension out of a 5/8” dia oak dowel from Home Depot. (My prototype was a broken chair leg.) I cut a 15” length and Drilled a hole in one end and purchased a rubber cane tip for the other end. I only play it sitting but now the peg reaches the floor. Much easier to sway it out of the way to read two pages of music. I slide the extension off every time I put the contra on my stand. This makes logistics easier.

Mojo Mouthpiece Work LLC

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 Re: Bass Clarinet Peg
Author: Chris_C 2017
Date:   2019-07-11 18:33

Hi-hat cymbal rods are 7mm diameter stainless steel. They seem to be advertised as "6mm hi-hat rods" but the 6mm is the thread on 15mm of one end - the rod itself is 7mm. They seem to come in 18inch and 23 inch. I recently bought one for GBP13.

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