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 Help finding a beginner clarinet @ Amazon (US)
Author: Ranstedt 
Date:   2019-05-31 05:16

Hello everyone.

I'm an adult beginner clarinetist ... or at least I hope I will.

I have an Amazon card that will allow me to make payments with 0% interest. So I'd like to buy a clarinet with the card.

Budget: $600 ish. Lower the better.

I prefer a new clarinet because when I was a teen I suffered a big injury to my left hand affecting my tendons and nerves. I also have slight numbness in that hand. Buying new will allow me to return it for a full refund in case I'm unable to continue with the clarinet due to my left hand. I'm unable to play string instruments, type without looking, tying knots and shoelaces can be difficult and I get clumsy sometimes with smaller things.

And since I'm completely new I don't want to risk buying used on Amazon and buying something that needs a lot of work. I'll buy used in the future if I'm able to continue with the clarinet.

After searching I thought about buying a Jean Paul USA CL-300 Student Clarinet for $188. The reviews are mostly positive. But even though the reviews are mostly well received, it's the negative reviews that's making me hesitant. The clarinet is made in China and sold by Jean Paul in the USA. They seem like a stand up company offering really good customer service.

Then I found a seller offering a new Yamaha YCL-255 Standard Bb student clarinet for $645. The catch is that it's an imported model so the 5 year warranty is void. The reviews for these imported models are good. I figured I could take it to a woodwind shop and verify that it's authentic / functions perfectly and to schedule a private lesson. I'd have 30 days to return it for a full refund.

I also found:
Buffet Crampon Premium Student Bb Clarinet $610

Do you know of anything else on Amazon I should consider?

What about the Jean Paul USA CL-300? Would that be good in my situation? https://www.amazon.com/dp/B006WAVPR4/ref=psdc_11971931_t2_B01LWAEY75

Regarding the Yamaha - How concerned should I be with the lack of warranty? It's around $375 less than the USA warranty version. I figured I should know within the first month if anything's defective. What are some common repairs and how much do they tend to cost? I thought I might still come out ahead if I needed a low cost repair or two in the time I have the clarinet. I'm thinking if my hand isn't that much of a factor, i'd probably upgrade in 2 years to an intermediate / pro model.



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 Re: Help finding a beginner clarinet @ Amazon (US)
Author: Paul Aviles 
Date:   2019-05-31 05:51

A decent, new clarinet such as the Yamaha should really not need any 'repairs' per se within the first year. Also, a better clarinet like the Yamaha will give you a fairer assessment of what the clarinet is all about that the cheap Chinese clarinet (or the student model Buffet) would not.

If what you say about refunds applies, I would go with the non warrantied Yamaha for sure. Also you could turn around and sell it in the $400 range (like one I see at Chuck Levins.

.............Paul Aviles

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 Re: Help finding a beginner clarinet @ Amazon (US)
Author: Bennett 2017
Date:   2019-05-31 06:03

Any possibility you could rent a clarinet from a nearby music store? That should quickly make it clear whether your hand says no for a lot less money that buying a clarinet.

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 Re: Help finding a beginner clarinet @ Amazon (US)
Author: Ranstedt 
Date:   2019-05-31 08:16

@ Paul & Bennett

Thank you for your reply.

I bit the bullet and ordered the Yamaha. It'll be here Saturday.

The reason I didn't consider renting is because I'll have a month to determine if my bad hand will be too much of a hindrance and if so, I'll return the clarinet, get the refund and purchase a trumpet. Trumpet is my backup plan but I don't enjoy the sound nearly as much as I do the clarinet.

The biggest concern I have with the clarinet is covering the holes properly with my affected fingers, especially my thumb.

I'll give it my best shot. I'll be able to practice literally all day everyday if I want.

Thanks again


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 Re: Help finding a beginner clarinet @ Amazon (US)
Author: Pereira3D 
Date:   2019-05-31 18:03

Ryan Pereira
Pereira 3D Clarinet Services

Post Edited (2019-05-31 18:04)

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 Re: Help finding a beginner clarinet @ Amazon (US)
Author: Tom H 
Date:   2019-06-01 01:39

I may be of little help, but, considering the costs you mentioned and that you may prefer to buy new-- Last year I bought a Selmer student clarinet from our local Long & McQuade music store for $175 Canadian Dollars. That includes our HST sales tax of 15%--the price without tax was $150CAD (=$120 US).
Maybe a better option than Amazon? I have been out of teaching Band for 23 years, so am certainly no expert on beginner instrument prices/rental prices anymore. But back in the '80s I recall a new Yamaha student clarinet or a Bundy, etc. being in the $400 range. And I recall the quality being way worse. I have practiced the new Selmer almost every day for 14 months with no repairs necessary.

The Most Advanced Clarinet Book--
tomheimer.ampbk.com/ Sheet Music Plus item A0.1001315, Musicnotes product no. MB0000649.

Boreal Ballad for unaccompanied clarinet-Sheet Music Plus item A0.1001314.
Musicnotes product no. MNO287475

Post Edited (2019-06-01 01:40)

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 Re: Help finding a beginner clarinet @ Amazon (US)
Author: donald 
Date:   2019-06-01 05:12

If you DO end up having to go the trumpet way, but don't really like the sound of the trumpet (I agree with you there!) you might try a cornet or flugelhorn. You might not agree, but I find those much nicer - I'm a professional clarinet player, but can play a few scales and tunes on the trumpet, but if I ever had the spare cash to have one around the home I'd definitely prefer a cornet.

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 Re: Help finding a beginner clarinet @ Amazon (US)
Author: Ranstedt 
Date:   2019-06-01 23:14

@ Tom

Thank you for your reply / mentioning your book. I put it on my book list.

@ donald

Thanks! I quickly found this on Youtube

I'll look into it further if the clarinet doesn't work out for me.

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